The new improved phone…The Iphone!!

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Hey ill give you twenty-bucks if you look this way!! Ah just kidding made you look!! Now that you are looking I want you to read this cool-astic article of the new improved phone, the iphone! Now on this article you will learn what it is, history, how it works, and maybe you will want to buy one!! Here we go! Come on get off your little behind; go to a phone store and by one!! C’mon it only takes one person to by they’re own iphone!!! But please don’t just have one person to go by it have…WAY MORE!!!

History for an IPHONe

       Who invented the iphone? Well according to Steve Jobs (head of Apple company) invented the iPhone -- along with help from everyone who works at Apple. I think the iphone is amazing and I know you will like it too.






 Have you ever just sat and thought about what new things Apple Company has brought you? Even if you hadn’t than still you should think about getting a new phone from the Apple Company!!! Well in this paragraph you will learn and see about the new things Apple has to offer!! According to they have now invented a new iphone and they put a picture of it for people to see it while they're creating it. While I was reading this article I found out about the new iphones they were making!!



Right up top you can see the way new phone that Apple has to offer! The Iphone! This is a great article of what Apple Company has now brought out.


  What Does The First GEN Iphone have? Well According to, The 1st Gen iPhone has onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0, and connects to the AT&T Mobility service via GSM/EDGE. To make it be more understandable the 1rst Gen iphone has wi-fi and Bluetooth and much, much, more. There are different things about different iphones for more people to learn about!!




What it is

    What do you think the iphone is? Well here’s your answer: This paragraph is about what the iphone is. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the iPhone is a quad-band GSM phone with music and video playback, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a two-megapixel still camera (three megapixels in 3G S). The iphone is something you need!!!

 I know you want an iphone with all these things with it, so go buy it!!!

Wanna Buy One





Speaking about buying, you would want to know how much it would cost, so read this paragraph and you’ll find out!!! This is a great article of how much the iphone cost now from back than. According to the iphone before cost $399 dollars but since apple has announced that they took off $200 dollars it cost $199. They made it better for you to use!!








Do you see what awesome things from an iphone are? If you thought that it was boring then don’t come by and pick up that twenty-bucks and if you didn’t think it was boring well…. still don’t come by and pick up that twenty-bucks! HAHAHAHA! Have a good life!! P.s. Hope you liked and had fun learning about my article!