Yo Mamma is so poor É. That for your birthday she got a box, drew an ÒXÓ on it, spun it in a circle, and said, ÒthereÕs your XBOX 360Ó (Sorry itÕs sorta corny butÉ it works) HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

By L Dawg


 Warning: The following content may contain information not suitable for Playstation and Wii fans. May cause severe drooling and explosive amounts of jealousy of the following gaming consoleÉ (We cannot be held accountable for severe migraines that may occur while learning too much from the following paragraphs) XBOX 360. So, if you are a fan of any one of those two stinky excuses for a gaming console, DonÕt Be HatinÕ On Xbox. But if you are a fan of the amazing Xbox 360, I encourage you to read on to learn about What some of the best games are, What Xbox 360 is, and A bit of history. But if you arenÕt a fan Stop right now, you canÕt handle the truth. So, as I come to an end of my awesome intro I ask you this, are a stinky nugget ?, If so, stop reading now, but if you are a brave and worthy fan of the best consol ever (XBOX 360) read on to discover the greatest history EVER!!!  

What it really Is

What are some of the special editions of the Xbox 360? On a few occasions, Microsoft has produced special editions of the console, usually to coincide with the release of a major product. These special editions are typically custom-colored Xbox 360 models, and are produced in limited numbers.


Halo 3 Special Editions

At the E3 2007 press conference, Microsoft announced the Halo 3 Special Edition console, released September 16, 2007. It sports a Halo 3 theme on the console, a wired headset, a wireless controller, and a Play and Charge Kit. Other than the unique "Spartan green-and-gold" color scheme, exclusive dashboard theme and downloads, and an HDMI port,(45 its features were identical to those of the Xbox 360 system at the time.[46] It is priced at US$399.99 and £279.99 (the original price of the Xbox 360).[47]

To promote The SimpsonÕs Movie, Microsoft created a specially designed, yellow Xbox 360 console.[48] The configuration was based on the Xbox 360 package of the time, the only difference being the color scheme of the Xbox 360 console and wireless controller. The consoles were to be given out to winners of drawings taking place between July 18, 2007 and July 27, 2007, in which a name was randomly drawn each day in the "10 Days and 10 Chances to Win" sweepstakes.[49] 100 consoles were produced in total.[50]

A Resident Evil 5 bundle containing a red Xbox 360 Elite console was released on March 13, 2009.[51] The bundle also contains a red, wireless controller and a black, wired headset.[52]

On September 15, 2009 Microsoft announced a special 250 GB hard disk limited edition version of the Xbox 360 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The unit is highlighted by special game product branding and includes two wireless controllers and a headset. This was the first Xbox 360 announced to come with a 250 GB hard drive. I THINK THATÕS A LOT OF SPEACIAL EDITIONS.


What was the first Xbox 360 game? ANSWER: from Cha-Cha.com,

Call of Duty 2 was one of the first games available for the Xbox 360. Thank you for choosing Cha-Cha! Call of Duty 2 was one of the first games that Game studios produced for the Xbox 360. WOWEE, I thought that those Call Of Duty games were all in like 2007!!!

Best Games                         

Now IÕm going to tell you about some of the best games are.    According to Xbox.com, Crackdown (One of my favorite games) is one of the most top rated games that is ONLY on Xbox. Crackdown is one of my Most Favorite



Thanks for reading my awesome report on Xbox 360. I hope you decide to buy one soon, if you donÕt already have one, after learning about What Xbox Is, Some History, and What the Best game is. Have An AMAZING Life.