Every Thing interesting about the Tank!

                                    By Kristen Erin                       


In these two paragraphs I will tell you about the tank and how interesting the tank can be with What a Tank is and the History of the Tank.

What a Tank is

This paragraph is about what the tank is and what itŐs called.  According to Adam Gorlick, the tank is an armored machine that is used to get over enemy lines. ItŐs a good thing that itŐs armored because the enemy is trying to kill you.   Some nicknames for the tank are "Black Magic" and "Deathstalker". I think those are kind of weird names.


This paragraph is about who invented the tank? According to Adam Gorlick, Joseph Hawker invented the tank just Winston Churchill made the tank.


The History of the tank. According to globalsecurity.org The Compared to other weaponry, the tank was the most rapidly istent beginning, the tank went from concept to the decisive edge in WWI less than three years. The tank was originally developed weapon system in the history of warfare. From a non-exdesigned as a special weapon to solve an unusual tactical situation, the stalemate of the trenches. Basically, the tank was intended to bring the firepower of artillery and machine guns across the morass of No Man's Land while providing more protection than a purely infantry unit could carry. The sole purpose of this weapon was to assist the infantry in creating a penetration so that the cavalry, which had been waiting for the opportunity since 1914, could exploit into the German rear.


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