Home Theater

By My Awesomeness


Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaÉ I am your fatherÉ da da duuuuuuuuuuu. Would you like to watch a movie like Star Wars on a home theater? It would be so, so awesome. This report tells you What it Is and How it Works.

What it Is

This paragraph is about what it is. A home theater system is a theater in a home just like it says in its name. A home theater has to have at least four speakers because if you only had one, two, or three speakers it would just be a plain old television. Sometimes it might be a little expensive but it will probably be a better home theater.

         This paragraph is about how much Home Theater costs. A low-end home theater can cost less than $300, they are not as good as expensive home theaters but they are still good. These home theater systems are less powerful than others but have pretty good sound. They don't connect to some speakers. And usually the speakers are small but other wise they are pretty good. Wow all of this box stuff can make you crazy, it is a lot to remember.

         This paragraph is about what else Home Theater is called. The other names that mean the same as home theater are: home cinema and home theatre. Home theatre is spelled different from home theater but sounds the same. There is not a lot of words that mean the same as home theater, but there is at least some.

       This paragraph is about why people want Home Theater. People get it because of entertainment if you didn't have a home theater you would be very board most of your free time. Also because people don't want to spend five dollars on every movie ticket with a big family so you can go to a little movie, so you you buy a movie and just go watch it on your home theater.  It would stink very much if you had to be board all the time.