Quit waiting and get the iphone

By: M&M:}


Hey you on that computer, listen because the following words might apply to you. Do you ever want to get on the computer but the sister is on the computer 24\7. Do you ever want to get on the phone but your mom is talking on the phone and wonÕt get off? You stop everything your doing and go get the iPhone you wont have to wait for the phone or the computer. In the rest of this article I will tell you about what it is, the history of the iphone, how it works and some really cool facts, and how the iphone has improved.

Cool facts about the iphone

This paragraph is about what cool things the iphoneÕs have? According to answers.com the iphone has music and video playback, Bluetooth, and wi-fi and a two-mega pixel still camera. I wish I had an iphone because it has Internet so you donÕt have to wait for the computer. You also donÕt need to buy a camera thatÕs over 100 dollars!


This paragraph is about does the iphone come in different colors? According to chacha.com the iphone does not come in different colors. the iphone 3g comes in one color which is black with a metallic silver backing. I would want that because I love silver and black.

This paragraph is about if there is a camera in the iphone? According to Brian Lam there is a 2mp camera built into the iphone. The iphone is amazing because you get internet and you can call people and you have a camera! You could save so much money if you have an iphone because you donÕt have to pay any phone bills, computer bills, and you donÕt even have to buy a camera.

This paragraph is about the best iphone game? According to chacha.com, the best iphone game is Texas HoldÕem, which is 4.99. Wow that is pretty cheep for an iphone game!


This paragraph is about who invented the iphone? According to chacha.com Steve jobs invented the iphone. Steve is the head of The Apple Company. Steve is a very wise man and must be making a fortune!

This paragraph is about when the iphone was invented? According to Dachary Carey, the iphone was invented June 29, 2007. I wonder who bought the first iphone?

This paragraph is about when the iphone was invented? The iphone was introduced in the United Stated. Wow that is awesome!




What does it do?

This paragraph is about some cool things the iphone 3.0 does? According to Michael Rose, there is a very cool iphone called the 3.0 version, It has playback display for a podcast, Tapping on the screen brings up a set of expert controls: a button to email a link to the podcast's page on iTunes; a 30-second "WhatÕs that, now?" Instant rewind button; and a playback speed control to give you 1/2 speed. Wow i want a 3.0 version!



        This paragraph is about if the iphone has internet? According to chacha.com the iphone 3g of internet built right in! Wow I Want an Iphone so I donÕt have to wait for the computer!






In conclusion the iphone is an awesome invention. I think everybody in the world should get the iphone because they will save so much money. Please take inconsideration to buy the iphone! Thank you for reading.