Heart ventricles and a little artificial heart blood would never hurt a vampire.

By: Mat Hatter


This paragraph will not only say that I am a Mad Hatter but it will talk about How the heart pumps blood, the delicacy of the procedure, What was the name of the first heart was, picks of me artificial hearts and heart ventricles, how was it made and the Mad Hatter part in me will tell you of the last one it is what causes you to have an artificial heart? See sometimes the proper response is to be a Mad Hatter. Just donŐt be late like Alice was.

How the heart pumps blood

If you have not cot on to the Main Heading then I will tell you what this paragraph is about it is how the heart pumps blood. According to yahoohotjobs.com in the first stage, the right and left atria contract at the same time, pumping blood to the right and left ventricles. Then they contract forcing the blood out of the heart. That then allows the heart to take a break before the next pump.   


Now isnŐt being a Mad Hatter fun!

The delicacy of the procedure

Try to be a Mad Hatter and listen to the delicacy of the procedure. The surgery to implant an AbioCor artificial heart is extremely delicate. Not only are the surgeons cutting off and extracting the natural heart's right and left ventricles, but they are also placing a foreign object into the patient's chest. The surgery requires a lung and heart machine.

Alice was a lot different then you, you are more of a Mad Hatter then she ever was!

How was it made?

If you are Mad Hatter enough you will look at how it was made in this paragraph. A heart valve acts as a check valve, opening and closing to control blood flow. This cycle occurs about 40 million times per year or two billion in an average lifetime. The natural valves can sometimes not close completely which limits the blood pumped in a day. That is what gives us info on how to make the valves the way the normal heart does or what it is supposed to do.

I am impressed you are beginning to look a lot like me.


What causes you to have an artificial heart?

Mad Hatter or not listen to this paragraph about the causes of artificial heart. Your heart is the engine inside your body that keeps everything running. Basically, the heart is a muscular pump that maintains oxygen and blood circulation through your lungs and body. It also pumps 2,000 gallons of blood a day. Like an engine it can break down this meaning heart failure.

       I really think you are ready for my conclusion now. Mainly because you are a Mad Hatter.


So now do you know why I wrote this report? I have told you about what causes you to have an artificial heart, how is it made, the delicacy of the procedure, and how the heart pumps blood. That is exactly why I am a MaddHatter do you understand why I am one I am one to teach people that it is the proper response. What Alice is here well have to go greet her? 


Oh Alice you are terribly lateÉ naughty.