flying cars

 By Freddison


Have you ever wanted to get out of that pesky traffic that youÕve been in for hours?  Sure GPS can help you find a different way to go, but it takes even longer than the traffic itself!  If you keep reading my report IÕll show you a new and expensive new technology that can help you with your traffic problems.

 How It works

This paragraph is about how fast they can go. The flying in the flying car is very important I mean why would you buy a  flying car that canÕt fly but of course this is a real working flying car according to a flying car can go 10,000 feet  after a 30 second transformation.


Thinking About Buying One?

Thinking about buying one of the newest technologies  sometime soon? According to you can buy a flying car for about 200,000 thousand and up. So I would think that would be a tab bit expensive for the average person but think of all that fun youÕll have when your getting to work in half the time you did before.


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