The new police officers of today

By Unay


Do you ever just drive by an accident and see this weird robot and think that they caused the problem? If you did then, YOUÕRE WRONG! They are really helping the people that got in the accident. They are called Police Robots. They are the new police officers that can go into dangerous situations like disposing of bombs and not risk any lives. Read on and you will learn what they are, their history, how they work, some peoples opinion that they might go crazy like the movies, and what they do.

What they are

Taken from:009, EoS-ttlpgs9 7/30c.qx4  page 75Extracted on 11/05/2004What do these things do?  Jonathan Strickland posted that police Robots usually do dangerous things like disposing of bombs without risking anybodies life. So when thereÕs a dangerous situation as in your house is about to be blown up by a bomb would you want to risk your life getting it? I donÕt think so. But someone else can. A police robot.


Police robots can do more than just dispose of bombs.  Our Strickland guy says that some kinds of police robots have things that pick up biological things, radioactive things, or even chemical weapons. Police robots can scan an area and see if it is save to go there. Sometimes officers use the police robots to see if there are any people there too. Some police robots can even drag victims out of bad situations. Like when they are stuck in a car the police robot can pull them out.


What police robots can do.

Where do the police officers go when their robot is doing its work?  According to Jonathan, a police officer can just move maybe behind a blast shield, but in sight of the robot so that he can control it carefully without hitting anything. So if you see a police robot, youÕll probably be able to see a police officer somewhere around there.


How far can a police robot be from its controller?  Give this one all to my friend Jonathan Strickland. It depends what kind of robot it is. A wired robot can only go as far as the tether goes. Wireless robots can go as far as they want in the area that it can detect the controller's commands. Maybe you can watch for this when you see another one of these metal police.



How are police robots getting better?  Strickland over here says that some people's companies like Remotec and RoboticFX are trying to make new robots for the police, the army, and other things that have dangerous jobs to do. Newer kinds can move better, their batteries last longer, their arms can move around with better angles, and new things that are designed to help police officers do dangerous things. If you get into the army someday (which I donÕt really want to do, and I wouldnÕt advise it.) maybe youÕll be fighting alongside one of these little contraptions. 


Are these things getting better in any way?  According to Johnny Sometime in the future, Police Robots might not need to have Police officers control them. The police robots are becoming more agile. And we may be seeing more of these armed robotic police. We might be seeing a lot of these little machines. So get used to it!


How they work

How do these things function?  Old man Strickland says that Police robots cannot think by themselves. They are controlled by a police officer. Some specific police robots have a cable attached to a power or control station. Some kinds of Police robots are wireless. When they are wireless, a Police Officer either controls it with the right remote control or with a laptop computer with the right stuff. And some robots have special joysticks that can plug into a laptop. And other ones may have to get put in with keyboard commands.


Why do robots have wheels and treads?  According to Mr. Strickland it's hard to make a robot that has legs, so police robots have rubber tires and treads. Some of them have removable wheels that can be removed easily for storing. Lot's of them have wheels that power themselves one at a time. So you can take power from one wheel and move it to the next. Some can even climb stairs! So if someoneÕs in trouble in a house say a robot with legs came in. What if it tripped up the stairs? Then it would have to get back up somehow and that just takes up too much time and money. So they use wheels and treads.


Bad police robots

Can a police robot go bad like the movies?  Jonathan Strickland said that if the robots think for themselves, what if a police robot hurts someone? But right now, we have police officers to think for them.  One day in San Francisco, a police robot was disposing of a bomb, when it suddenly went crazy and started spinning around in circles. If it had the bomb this wouldÕve been a lot worse.



So, did you like it? I thought it was really good. I especially liked the bad police robots. I sometimes watch those movies. And history. Especially history. ThatÕs all folks. (Grab some popcorn next time.)