Out Of The Boring Old World And Into…



By C.O. Olness


So, wanna take an out of this world thrill? Do you like to go to different places? Explore? Sure, you can go to Hawaii, or Yellowstone, maybe even Paris! Would you like to go somewhere different? Well, I’ll tell you about a very cool place, (and seriously, it is out of this world!) But if you want to get a blast of excitement, read on. I will tell you about interesting facts about this special place, history, the purpose, how it works, and cool facts.


How much does it cost for a tour of Space? According to Wikipedia, it would take about $20-35 million dollars in the US to take a tour of space. If you are lucky, you can sign some contracts with third parties to get and conduct certain research while you are in orbit. If you do that, the cost of seeing space up close or personal will be minimized. I would like to go to space but not for that amount of money. It is a ton of money spent just for some days in space!                                                                               Who have been some space tourists? According to Jessica Root, the first 7 space tourists’ were Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttle worth (what a great last name for the second space tourist!) Gregory Olsen, Anousheh Ansari (if you can say that!), Charels Simonyi, Richard Garriott and Guy Laliberté. BTW- 5 of the seven were American, at least a little bit.

What was the reaction to space tourism? According to Space Future, the reaction of space tourism was very simple. They wanted it to sound fun. They wanted it to sound cool so that people will be interested in it. Most people have a dream of going into space and having a great time.

The Purpose/What It Is

What is space tourism and what’s the purpose? According to Jessica Root, they invented the Galactic Suite Ltd because they wanted it to look futuristic. They want you to see a world of the future.

How Space Tourism Works

How does Space Tourism work? According to space.com, it works by good technology. It is very simple. It is kind of like… you pay, and you get a suite, and you go to the training, and volia!! Your in and ready to go.

Cool Facts

Some things that you might see in Space... According to dsgnwrld, in the Galactic Suite, you would see 15 sunsets a day and you would go around the world in 80 minutes. Also, you would wear a velcro suit to get around. Awesome!

How many people have booked a suite? According to Sarah Gordon, already, 43 people have made a reservation and 200 people have taken interest in the trip. Before you go, you would have to take an eight-week course of training on a tropical island. Then, you go on a 3-day trip into Space!                                          Who are some space tourists? According to Jessica Root, already, seven space tourists flew to the International Space Station and base on a Soyuz spacecraft. They went through the space tourism company called Space Adventures.


I hope that you like reading my report about Space Tourism. I liked learning about space tourism and I hope you did too! Learning about space tourism was really interesting to me and I know that it was interesting for you too! Thanks for reading my report.