What about the tank?

By: Massie Diane


Hello girls and boys lady’s and gentlemen and my sister.

This is my first technology report so I hope this helps with any questions you have that need answers. This has answers to simple and difficult questions about the tank, like what it is, History, How it works, And other interesting facts.

What it Is

What is a tank?  According to yahoo answer: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071021162919AAwUWvS A tank is a war machine covered in metal and different kinds of guns and explosives.

What is the tank used for?

According to yahoo tank is a tracked, armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility and tactical offensive and defensive capabilities. Firepower is normally provided by a large-calibre main gun in a rotating turret and secondary machine guns, while heavy armour and all-terrain mobility provide protection for the tank and its crew, allowing it to perform all primary tasks of the armoured troops on the battlefield.



What is the tanks regular color.?According to wikipedia the tank can be whatever color it needs to be but the normal colors are usually brown, green, or a sandy yellow color. I want mine line green or hot pink.

 Why is the tank so dangerous?

The tank is a very dangerous, in all prospects. It has a rocket launcher, machine gun, missile launcher. 


Who invented the tank? According Adam Corlic,Winston Churchill built it but Joseph Hawker made the body of the tank.


How many tanks are used in battle? According to history.com 1917 Apr. - At the Battle of Arras, British Mark 11 training tanks were used but without success. 


How it works


How many people can it inside a Tank.   

According to wikipedia, There are just enough people too fill all the position. 3 or 4. Driver, Gunner, Commander, Loader. There must not be a lot of space.

How does the tank move?  Yahoo says that they call them tracks. The just move around and around sort of like wheels on a car but shaped different.

How far can a tank shoot?

 Wikipedia states a regular tank can shoot up to 200 meters.



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