By: mefamc


        Hey you! Ya you. No not you, the other guy. The only guy sitting on a chair in front of me! Yes, the only person in the room. Do you know how to make a walkie-talkie? I do. Jealous? Well after you read my report you might know how. Or you could just go to the “COOL FACTS” section. Or, if you are a police officer, you might want to learn something useful about walkie-talkies. In the “COOL FACTS” section again. And for a bonus, the history, what it is, and how it works.


You can learn about the parts of the walkie-talkie in this paragraph. According to Keegan, There are 6 main parts to a walkie-talkie. The transmitter, receiver, crystal, speaker, microphone, and power source. Wow! Just 6 main parts? I thought all of the parts are main parts.

Have you heard of walkie-talkie phones? Well, you are in luck, because that is what this paragraph is about. According to howstuffworks, yes there is a walkie-talkie phone. walkie-talkie phone, maybe I will get one. But they might cost a lot of money.

This is paragraph about how many people you can talk with. According to Keegan, you can communicate with 2 or more people. So, you can talk with 50 people, as long as they are all on the same channel? Just kidding, you probably can. If you have that many walkie-talkies.


This paragraph is about who invented the walkie-talkie and when it was invented. According to Keegan, it was invented in 1938. Wow, I guess they have been around for a long time.

The walkie-talkie was invented by Mr. Al Gross. Pretty cool.

Read this paragraph to learn who came up with the name “walkie-talkie. According to Keegan, Mr. Donald Hings came up with the name walkie-talkie. Donald Hings, hmm, his name sounds like Donald Duck.


Solar powered walkie-talkies? Really?  According to unknown, yes, there are ones powered by solar power. I guess there really is a solar powered walkie-talkie. Like the solar powered cell phone or something like that. I think that is really cool.


This paragraph is about the smallest one in the world.

According to unknown, the i830 is the smallest walkie-talkie. i830 sounds like iPhone. Well, just the “i” part.

Have you wanted to make your own walkie-talkie instead of buying one? According to instructables.com, You can make your own walkie-talkie. (You’re going to have to go to they’re website to see how to actually do it.) It might take some time to do it though. Not go to the website. But actually build it.

 There are not illegal walkie-talkies. Are there? Keep reading this paragraph to find out! According to unknown, there really are illegal walkie-talkies. That really is a cool fact! I would not have even guessed that there were.


Well that’s how it works, what it is, the history, and some cool facts. Well, I really hope you enjoyed my report. And to find out even more, go to these websites.