The Thing that will take computers and game systems off the market.

By: Vampire Buddy


Sell the computers, PS3, XBOX, and WII, it is time to say goodbye and go buy the DSI. The DSI can do almost everything that the things above have and more. In this report you will learn everything you need to know ---and the sort of useless information that will wow your friends--- about the DSI, like What it is, the History, and How it works. Keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a DSI

What is the DSI? I know, that a DSI is a newer more high tech version of the DS. It has better quality, and two totally awesome cameras in my opinion. ThatŐs cool, I want one so bad I am saving up for one but I am only halfway there.

What other things are on the DSI? Thanks to Vault9, There is lots of stuff on a DSI like, a sd card slot, an ac audio player, downloadable software, and a camera. IsnŐt that so – wait my bad two awesome cameras—Anyway isnŐt that so cool? I think so.

What are the size differences between the DS and DSI and What the price ranges are for downloading software? Thanks to Vault9, The speakers are bigger and it is thinner and lighter and has bigger screens. They will be Free or 200 or 500 or 800 points. 100 points equals 1 dollar. Still donŐt want one? DonŐt worry you will.

Is the paint fingerprint proof, and can you go on the Internet? Thanks to Adam Hartley and Vault9, Because of the matte finish, fingerprints will not show up. It is so cool no fingerprints. Yes, it has special wi-fi connection that allows you to go on the Internet. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the differences between the DSI and the DS, and is the DSI cool? Thanks to Andy Lin, there are many differences between the DS Lite and the DSI, one of which is that the screen is bigger!!!!!!!!!!! Also you can earn points then use those points to buy DSI software. Prices range from 1-8 dollars. (100 points = 1 dollar) Another difference, (bad this time) is that you canŐt play Gameboy Games, and that the power lasts 1-5 hours less than the DS Lite. Good news is that the DSI has cameras and a MP3 Player unlike the DS Lite. I think the DSI is so cool. I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!


History of the DSI

When did they come out in the Us and in Japan?

Thanks to Craig Harris, the DSI came out in Japan on 1-Nov-08, and it came out in the Us in 2009. So cool. So you can get a DSI of your own right now. Just go out and buy a DSI today!!!!!!!!!!!

How much do they cost?  Thanks to Craig Harris, The DSI is very expensive; did you know that in Japan it costs 18,900 yen? But, in the US it costs $185. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! That is so expensive, but I think that it is COMPLETELY worth it.

How the DSI Works

How does a DSI work? Thanks to Answers Corporation, The DSI works like a normal DS Lite, but it has many more applications. Applications like, camera, music, games, pictochat, and more.

Do DS games work with the DSI? Thanks to USA TODAY, yes, DS games will work with the DSI. Sadly the Gameboy Games will not work with the DSI. There is no card slot. Sad, but still cool.


So, want one yet? ÉÉ Yeah that is EXACTLY what I thought would happen. Anyway now that you know the History, What it is, How it works, and the other useless information you just read, you are now free to show your friends how smart you really are. (Even if youŐre not smart they will think you are.J)