The really cool and new dsi!!!

By: Socks!!!


       Did you get socks for Christmas? OH, sorry.   Did you get a curling iron for Christmas?  Well, itÕs better than socks.  Or, did you get a really cool electronic gadget that has a camera and a touch screen and plays whatever game you can get your hands on?  If this sounds interesting to you, you must read my report!  You will learn what it is and how it works.  You wonÕt regret it. And you will figure out what I am talking about.

What It Is

How are the Dsi and Ds different, According to Morgan, KC The Dsi screen is bigger and brighter then the Ds's screen. Also, there are two cameras on the dsi, which means twice the fun where there are no cameras on the ds. I really want one because they sound so fun.  Maybe you do, too.

Sound, According to Morgan, KC The dsi has better sound that is louder. And it has a microphone  in it that allows you to record your own sound. I would love to make my own sound for the games and stuff.

The colors, According to Amit Chowdhry For $174 you can have it colored your favorite color and it is $374 for the picture in this paragraph. The colors I know it can be are Pink, white, red, blue, black ectÉ. I love all those colors and I would love to have my like the pictures.                                                                                                                                   

Cameras, According to CBS There is a camera on the inside and out, the inside cameras is 0.3 mp and the camera on the out side it 3 mp. The camera makes is so you can take a picture of your self then and stuff on your on face.

Getting it, according to CBS and Mogan KC The dsi cost in range of  $150. You can get the dsi online or at many retailer stores as well. Now I know how much it cost and where I can get it.


I hope you got good stuff for Christmas, but this is the end of my report. I hope you liked it.