The amazing Xbox 360

By Dora The Explorer (ÒRemember kids, always watch out for swiper never mind heÕs deadÓ)












Hey are you bored do have anything to do, well read my report you will learn about the Xbox 360Õs history, how it works, and lots more, if you donÕt read my report then you better sleep with your eyeÕs open cause IÕm gonna come eat all your Twinkies.

(ha ha ha ha ha)


This paragraph is about the Xbox 360Õs history.  According to wikianswers, Microsoft invented and it was in 2006 and james allard was in charge of it. Dang unbelievable. And it was invented in china. Like every thing is. They have made at least 400 games for the xbox 360. ThatÕs a lot of games right.  And plus the first game for the xbox 360 was Halo 3. Nice J.  It was first released in November 16, 2006 in Japan. Sweet.


This paragraph is about how many problems the Xbox 360 has.  According to wikipedia, the Xbox 360 has a lot of problems some of the problems are automatically turning off, if you pick the Xbox 360 while a game is in it will ruin your game and sometimes the Xbox 360. Wow it must have troubles.




This paragraph is about stuff about the Xbox 360.  According to Xbox365 it comes in a lot of different colors and you can get designs too. Dang awesome. And the newest game for the Xbox 360 is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Coming out on February 23, 2010. That doesnÕt come out Intel next month. Did you know you could play with people all over the world. Wow I didnÕt know that.



 Custom Xbox 360

This paragraph is about how you can get you can customize your Xbox 360.   According to xbox365, you can customize your Xbox 360 anything you want. Here are some pictures of customized Xbox 360Õs.










In conclusion the xbox 360 is a great invention, and thank you for reading my report I hope you liked it.