By: Nina Holman


Have you ever wanted to shoot your neighber with snow? Or even a gumball? Well there are BIG MEAN TANKS!! THEY CAN SHOOT PAINTBALL GUNS! And hold drinks and shoot at the same time! How sweet is that! Anyways here are the pictures of them!  

Main Idea

My topic was to search all about military tanks! Now military tanks are big! They’re strong! But not very reliable, L did you know that during World War II, it was expected that a tank would break down every 35 miles it rode? Tanks were not very reliable in the beginning. In fact, if you got to the battlefield, you wouldn't be able to do anything because they were "expected" to break down every 35 miles, which is bad. Now I’m showing you a picture of a military tank on a boat! J! !J!


This next paragraph is about the question that never became true! The question was… could they make coffee? Or other drinks? Well I searched the answer on, but unfortunately I could not find the answer I was hoping for. But I did find a cup holder in the shape of a military tank and at the same time it shoots gumballs or snowball or  maybe even it can shoot paintballs, well here is the picture of it!


Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas.