May I take your organs?

By Obi~One~Kenobi


The doctors are pushing the stretcher the patient is barely alive. This is why we have organ transplant. In this report you learn about THE LIST, its history, what it is, how it works, and other stuff. 

What it is

Why is organ transplant so important?  According to The reason it's so important is because a little over a dozen people die each day while waiting for an organ. Sad isnŐt it.

Who can donate?  According to Anyone can be a donor even if they have cancer or asthma. That includes you!

Why was it invented.  According to wikipedia. Organ transplants were invented so that you can live by getting an organ from someone else when you don't have one of those organs or if one of your organs is damaged. Cool isnŐt it.



What happened when they started.  According to They first started doing the organ transplants with animals. Then they wanted to do it on humans. But they were not very successful a few failed while they were getting there organs transplanted. Donate already!

How it works

How does your body act against the new organ.  According to Tom Harris. your immune system will attack your new organ. ThatŐs why they made a medicine that weakens your immune system. Cool medicine huh



How do you get on the list.  According to Tom Harris. First, you must find a transplant team.  Second, the people at the hospital observe the person to see if they're good to get an organ transplant.  Third, the doctors don't just judge their physical condition, they also judge their attitude, and if they abuse drugs or not. Have you become a donor yet.


Other stuff

What is the problem doctors are facing.  According to wikipedia. The obstacle doctors and patients now face is the demand for transplants has far surpassed the supply of donated organs. It will haunt you in your dreams.




ThatŐs why you should be a donor.