The master of disasterÉ tanks!

By Lady GaGa


Lets say that Hitler came back and he wants to take over the world. Theirs no way to stop him (gasp)! But have no fearÉ the tank is here! Hello ladies and gentlemen! IÕm your host this evening! First, IÕll tell you what it is. Second, IÕll tell you about the history. And finally, IÕll tell you how it works! If you want to learn about the tank stay here and get some Dr. pepper!

What it is

Topic Sentence.  According to, there are at least 27 different kinds of tanks. Wow! There must have been quite a few inventors for all those different types of tanks!


Topic Sentence.  According to Wikipidia, the tank is used for battlefields, wars, ect. They are almost indestructible! Wow! Somebody must have had brains to make it almost indestructible!




Topic Sentence.  According to the Columbia encyclopedia, Winston Churchill invented the first tank. That would be interesting if you were the first person to create the tank. ThatÕs impressive!



This paragraph is about the first woman to ride in a tank.  According to Marina Ruben, in 1909, 22-year-old Alice Ramsey made history as the first woman to drive across the United States. That would be fun and cool to be the first woman to drive across the United States!

Topic Sentence.  According to field Marshal Sir, Douglas Haig, At least 115,000 Americans died in WW1 in a tank & car. ThatÕs really sad. Especially if it was my brother or sister, son or daughter. L 


How it works

Topic Sentence.  According to Wikipidia, the tank has a bomb shooter, and in some casess, there are guided missiles. So, its either one or two. At first when I looked at the tank I thought that it only had one gun!


Topic Sentence.  According to Yahoo answers, the tank costs at least $65,000,000. With extra weapons, armor, ect. It costs $120,000,000! ThatÕs a whole lot of money for just one tank!





Goodbye. L