By: Ed U. Cated


Have you ever met a boy so dumb, he can’t walk and talk at the same time?  Of course, any girl likes walking while talking.  The only problem is that annoying cord on the phone gets in the way! If you’re like that, then you’re just like me, and should know who to thank for walkie-talkies. The awesome cordless device where you can go for MILES and MILES (and even walk) and still talk. In this report, you get to learn about its history, the invention, how it works, (the different parts and what they do) some extra info, and MORE! Enjoy your ride, on the walkie-talkie report!


This paragraph is about the history of the walkie-talkie.  According to wikipedia.org, there was a whole team that invented the walkie-talkie! The members of this team were: Dan Noble, (who made the design) Raymond Yoder, Henryk Magnuski, (who was the RF engineer) Marion Bond, Lloyd Morris, and Bill Vogel. But everyone gives the credit to Alfred J. Gross. Who worked on it later. (Between 1934 and 1941.) But when was it invented? The first Walkie Talkie was made in the year 1940. That's 69 years ago! Finally, Where was it invented? It was made on the battlefield at WW2. (World War II) I would probably be too worried about the war to make something like that!

Adding On

This paragraph is about who added onto the walkie-talkie. According to Keegan, (library.thinkquest.org) Donald Hings came up with the name "Walkie-Talkie". Some people say he invented the walkie-talkies, but really it was just the name. If someone were to ask him what you could do with a walkie-talkie, he would say, "WALK AND TALK."

Who nowadays even uses the walkie-talkie? First they were used by the military the most. Then the Police and firefighters used them the most. Now everyday people use them too. They aren't just for important jobs either. They can be used for just having fun! (Which I think is the best way to use them!)


How It Works

This paragraph is about all the different parts of walkie-talkies. (And what they do) According to Keegan, (library.thinkquest.org) walkie-talkies have 6 parts. Those parts are: the transmitter, receiver, crystal, speaker, microphone, and power source. The transmitter sends you voice out through the walkie-talkie, and lets the other person hear you. The crystal sets the channel that the two (or more) walkie-talkies are on. (They have to be on the same channel to hear each other though.) The microphone is the spot that you talk into. After talking, your voice is converted to electric signals and sent to the other walkie-talkie. The power source is a type of battery. Sometimes these batteries can be rechargeable. Wow! Those parts are all really important!


Things It Can Do

This paragraph is about all the different things the walkie-talkie can do. According to Garry Crystal, on walkie-talkie cell phones, you can do “Push To Talk”. You just need to push one button, and you have access to the other person instantly. The phone doesn't even have to ring. They can hear your voice immediately! You can also do conference calls. (A whole group of people)

How far can you talk and still hold a signal? According to “Fisherman”, we think that they mostly can just go up to 18 miles. (If you can see the other person, and there are no obstacles in the communication path. (Tree, hill, bush, house, etc.) So they could probably go more than 18 miles apart, but we're thinking only that much. That’s actually pretty far!



What Can We Say?

This paragraph is about what we can and can’t say.  According to Keegan, (library.thinkquest.org) walkie-talkies are mostly safe for saying whatever we want. But you shouldn't talk about private things such as your address, phone number, email, etc. People can scan channels and listen to everything you say. Be careful about your conversations because ANYBODY could be listening in. We can make them safer though. On some walkie-talkies, there is a switch to change the frequency (channel) to a private one. Once you change your frequency, other people won't be able to tune in and hear your conversations. Whoa. Somebody could listen in to your conversation, get your address, your phone number, even your e-mail address!



These next paragraphs are about some different “Fun Facts”.  Do you know what the official name for the walkie-talkie is? According to wikipedia.org, pretty much all of us call it a Walkie-Talkie, but it's more formally known as a handheld transceiver. (I like the name Walkie Talkie better.)

I bet you don’t know how much walkie-talkies cost! According to Keegan, as they get smaller, their prices also get smaller. When they were first released, they costed hundreds to thousands of dollars. But now, walkie-talkies can be all the way down to $5.00! They are called "Toy" walkie-talkies (Picture on the left.) The professional ones can still cost up in the thousands though.

       Something you may already know is that you can actually make your own walkie-talkie! According to Sondrac, (ehow.com) just as we've been doing for YEARS, you can make your own walkie-talkie. It's just like the telephone toy. You just take two cups and some string, talk into it, and it's just like a walkie-talkie. I’ve done that before!

Extra, But Interesting Info!

These next paragraphs are all about some really cool things about the walkie-talkie that I didn’t add above. How popular are walkie-talkies? According to Unknown, (J) nowadays, people all over the globe are using walkie-talkies. Whether at work or at home.

What are some different types of walkie-talkies? (According to Unknown…) There are a lot! There are: Conventional Versus Trunked, Trunked, Simplex Versus Duplex channels, Duplex, Hybrid simplex/duplex, Push-To-Talk, Analog versus digital, Data over two way radio, Analog, Digital, Engineered Versus Not engineered, Options, Duty Cycle, and Configuration, and finally... UHF versus VHF!  (Wow. Try saying all that in one breath!)

What are some disadvantages with the walkie-talkie? (According to Unknown…)  They can go really out of range. They also only let one person talk at a time, and if there is someone from 2 to 3 city blocks away from your house, (and they're on the same channel as you) can hear everything you say. L

Last but not least, what can walkie-talkies be in? According to Keegan, (I've never seen this) Walkie-talkies can be built into cell phones. It doesn't really seem like it would change the cell phone though. Walkie-Talkies are just like cell phones. That sure is cool! Those are some pretty awesome things about the walkie-talkie!




In conclusion, walkie-talkies are a lot cooler than we all thought! I hope you’ve had a fun ride reading about Walkie-Talkie History, how it works, things it can do, what we can say, and a bunch of simply fun info. Walkie-Talkies are pretty cool little devices, and I sure learned a lot about them. Thanks for reading!