The great DSI

By yummyJyummy


Do you want to know why they made the DSi or what the ŇIÓ stands for in DSÓIÓ? Well find out in my report which has: invention, sell, what it has, colors and fun facts too! Read this report and find out all the great things about the DSi.


Invention. According to folkd, wiki answers and Wikipedia, The DSi consol was invented by Nintendo and came to be very popular. Even if the newer games came out, people rather downloaded the DSi games. Nintendo started to make the DSi in the late 2006 and was showed during a Nintendo conference in Tokyo on October 2, 2008. It was invented because they tried to make people stop using chipped ROMs, and now you can't use them on the DSi. It is interesting to know who, why and when the DSiŐs invention.




Sell. According to Alexander Sliwinski and Wikipedia, the Nintendo Company said they sold 435,000 DSiŐs in the first week in the U.S.  That is almost double the 226,300 DS lite systems sold during its launch. It was first released in Japan on November 21, 2009. It was released in Europe and North America, in the first quarter of 2010. Wow that is a lot of DSiŐs!




How it works


What it has. According to Toast and John P. Falcone, It has 2 camera's, it can download like the Wii, you can go on the internet, you can send photos to friends, it has a card slot for photo memory, The speaker is better, the screen is bigger, and it weighs a lot less and is smaller. The DSi supports the SDHC memory card and can go up to 32GB. That makes me think of a game consol, computer and a camera.

What it is 


         Colors. According to Toast, The DSi only has 2 colors in the United States, which is black and blue. It has 3, but Europe and Japan have white and black. We have more colors in America now, but the colors black, blue and white are the first colors on its release date. The DSi also have the skin wrap thing to make your DSi look awesome like the one on the left. Cool, I didnŐt think that we only had 2 at first.




Fun facts. According to John P. Falcone and Pete Haas, It has a bigger screen and its width is a little bigger than the DS, so that makes the DSi Just a little bit bigger. The ŇIÓ is like a symbol for the subject and it is for like it watches things because it has an eye on things. It is also because it has two camera's one on the front and one on the back. Cool, that is pretty interesting.



So that is what the ŇIÓ stands for in DSi and why they made it. I learned so much from my own report but mostly in the history paragraph. It is interesting what you can learn from the DSi even if you werenŐt very interested in the DSi.