The metal robotic police officers

By datakey


Have you ever read about a hostage situation?  Have you heard of a bomb exploding by innocent people?  Do you know a police officer that died on duty?  Well police robots can investigate hostage situations, safely dispose of bombs and carry weapons.  In this report you will learn all about what police robots do, how they work, and lots of interesting facts.

What it is

Taken from:009, EoS-ttlpgs9 7/30c.qx4  page 75Extracted on 11/05/2004What exactly does the Police Robot do?  According to Strickland, Jonathan. A police robot is used for dangerous tasks usually but sometimes they are used to patrol streets.  One police robot in Russia could tell drunks to go home and sober up. Police robots can be very useful but you have to be careful with the robots surroundings for instance if it rains and the robot is not waterproof then the robot will stop working.


What a Police Robot is.  According to with the help of Jonathan Strickland. A police robot is a robot capable of disposing bombs safely, investigating a dangerous situation, and other tasks that risk the officerÕs life. If there is a dangerous job to do for the police force then just send in the robot.


What to control it with.  Jonathan Strickland says you can use two things two control the Police Robot.  First you can use a special control console or, if you have the right software on our laptop or computer, you can use your laptop.  If you can control it from a laptop I wonder if sometime soon you can use your cell phone?


Robots with guns?  According to the report written by Jonathan Strickland. A police Robot can carry a lot of weapons that the police use such as: a shotgun, cable cutters, gas dispenser, and even a grenade launcher.  So if there is a situation with guns, you might want to think about sending in a police robot.



Do Police Robots ever malfunction? According to Mr. Strickland, one has. Once one did in San Francisco.  It was going to pick up a bomb.  But suddenly it stopped doing what it was supposed to.  It started to spin around.  But it hadn't picked up the bomb yet so the bomb didn't blow up.  Robots can go haywire, but when they do they donÕt try to kill you. Science Fiction is called Science Fiction for a reason.  ItÕs not real.


How it works

Disposing of bombs.  According to page 4 in the report that Mr. Strickland wrote. Some police robots have an arm and cameras to dispose of bombs. The arm is to grab the bomb or place a separate one. The cameras are so the real officer can see what it is doing.  So if you ever find a bomb first call the police.  Hopefully to be safe the police will send in the robot. Then nobody dies.


What makes the Police Robot tick.  According to Mr. Jonathan Strickland. The police robot can have an arm to dispose of bombs or they can have mounted guns for specific purposes. They all have cameras.  Some newer models can climb stairs.  Every model is better than the last. Police robots are getting stronger, they have longer lasting batteries, they can survive more weather, and they can go over almost any terrain.


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How are they useful in hostage situations.  According to Jonathan Strickland. If a police robot was to go to investigate a hostage situation and it was not visibly armed it would not be a threat.  It could also send information back that a normal police officer could not send back.  So a police robot would be a lot better to send to a hostage situation than a normal police officer.


How advanced their sensors are (if that modes has sensors).  According to Strickland, Jonathan, robots that have sensors can detect radioactive or chemical weapons.  This helps to determine how dangerous the area is.  If those robots can detect dangerous things then they might be able to look for people in a dangerous situation and maybe save their lives.


Exactly how far away the officer controlling the robot can be.  According to Jonathan Strickland. If the robot is attached to the console by a cable than the robot can only go as far as the cable can reach.  But if it is remote controlled, then it can go as far as it can while still picking up the radio signals.



Will these new Robots replace the human police? According to Jonathan Strickland they might.  In the future robots may become so advanced that they can control themselves. In the future you might want to forget about what I said in the History section.  If they control themselves than they might very well turn against you


That is my report on police robots.  That is what they can do, what did and could happen, how they are controlled, and how they take car of bombs.  Police robot webpageÕs and history especially are very hard to find. Well thatÕs it.  If you like the topic then why not tell other people what you learned.