By Dwight K Shrute


 Are you tired of staying home because your stupid phone keeps ringing? Well next time someone calls just say “ HEY YOU IDIOT, GET A CELL PHONE!!”  I will tell you some information about cell phones that might just get you so interested about cell phones that you will go crazy!!

What it is

 What is the droid phone and what is so special about it? According to PC word, the Motorola droid phone is 200$ with a 2-year contract from verizon prize as of October and it is solid fell and heft. There is a 3.7 inch touch screen making good androids 2.0s new features the droid is a strong (good) web surfing and communicating tool,

What are some of the top selling apps for the iphone and droid? According to itunes store, the most, top selling iphone apps are 1. Live cams 2. Cartoon wars-gunner 3. BATTLESHIP 4. I video camera-record 5. Red laser 6.doodle jump-Be warned 7.Basic Spanish for dummies 8. Where’s Waldo? 9. Bejeweled 2 10. Ski ball. Those are the top 10 selling apps for iphone.



When was the fist call made?  According to inventors.com, the first call was made in 1993. Actually, it was made on April 3,

1993 to be exact. The person it was made to was Joel Engel.

         Where was it invented? According to cellular.com, it was invented in a base station in New York. I don’t exactly know if it was New York City but that doesn’t really matter

         When did the first cell phone come out? According to ezinearticals.com, it was made in 1973. After it had come out, the first call was made to Joel Engel.

         Who was the first call made to? According to cellular.com, the first call was made to Martian coopers rival. He worked at bell labs. His name was Joel Engel.

         Who invented cell phones? According to inventors.com, Dr. Martian cooper invented the cell phone in 1973 in New York.

         How much did it first cost and weigh? According to msnbc.com, the first brick cell phone weighed 2 pounds was sold for $3,995, and you could talk for only half an hour.

         How old was he when he invented it? According to cellular.com, cooper was 70 years of age when he invented the cell phone. Wow!! He was old

         How long was it from the idea to the invention? According to cellular .com, if it was an idea in 1947 then it was invented in 1973 then it would be 26 long years of working to invent a cellular phone.



Futuristic Phones

What is the nokia 888 communicator? According to cameraphonesplaza.com, the nokia 888 communicator is a cool phone that has a flexible touch screen, liquid batteries, and much much more! (I even bet it will be waterproof)

What is the nokia aeon? According to Vaid Balan The nokia aeon is also a great phone that will probably come out in February. It has a touch screen and it looks pretty cool and it has cool features. Isn’t it SO COOL!!!

What is the sleek and slim? According to Vaid Balan the sleek and slim phone from sky is a cool phone that has touch screen technology. It has a glowing touch pad and it also has a sweet design. Gees, what’s up with all the touch screens!!

What is the Benq Simens snaked According to Vaid Balan, so designers though of woman and what they like and then they presented Snaked. It is a reptile looking phone and of creepy, but is still VERY cool the snaked is a fashion phone for sport loving women (like Mrs. stokes). It has a body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep the fine shapes they like the phone to be in.  I think all women athletics or runners should get that phone

What is the “What you see is what you get” concept?

According to Vaid Balan, one thing that is a fact in my opinion about this concept phone is that they could've named it something shorter.  Designed by Pei-Hua Hang, the phone's name comes from the fact that this concept phone no longer uses and LCD as view finder for the digital camera inted it they designer chose to ust a transparent frame.  And of course interaction is made through a touch screen.  I bet in the futer all phones will use a transparent frame and not viewfinder.

What is the Retroxis? According to Vaid Balan, If most phones presented here will never be sold in stores then that would not be good, but the Retroxis concept phone from Dark Label looks kind like it will come out and makes up hope that we will beable to get one in out life. Disgned by Lim Sze Tat the phone is encased for its lightweight and toughness and has and invisble OLED display that silenty hides away when not used or inactive.  I hope i can get that phone in my lifetime!!!

What is the Black box? According to Vaid Balan, The Black Box uses a touch screen that changes the control layout. IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!

What is the nec tag? According to Vaid Balan, This is an AWESOME PHONE THAT IS FLEXIBLE. It can go around your wrist, or almost anywhere else!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the triple watch? According to Vaid Balan, This watch can turn into a cell phone man, imagine having one of those. It also has a speaker button that allows the user to anser the phone, and you can also hang up while driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Man, no wonder it's called a triple watch.



I hope that you really liked this awesome report on cell phones and that if you get a cell phone, all of the cool phones will be out!!!