By Alberto Contador (2 time TDF winner)



Are bionics just a metal hook hooked to just youÕre shoulder? Well, then get modern, get new, get computer controlled bionic limbs! COMON MAN, READ IT! ItÕs about what it is, history, how it works.


What it is

Do monkeys help develop bionics .  according to Macrey,Fiona, monkeys have learned to operate a bionic arm by thought alone, in a breakthrough that brings new hope to paralyzed people. So, monkeys are just like human guinea pigs.

What is adueo smart . According to adeuo smart, Audˇo SMART, the worldÕs smallest hearing system with full wireless functionality, is the choice if you want top performance with manual control and unlimited connectivity. Audˇo SMART features SoundRecover for expanded audibility of high frequency hearing. So, it is the worlds smallest hearing aid!                                                    

How much do bionics cost? .According to a anonymous site,  bionc limbs cost between $6,000, $8,000. Super human bionics cost $10,000, $15,000 and $35,000.

Dose a pace maker help you to stay alive?. According to National Academy of Engineering, A pacemaker helps people keep there hearts at a right pace so they don't die. So there pretty cool.                                                       





How do they test bioncs?. According to a anomimous site, The cat wears the device 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

These cats are born deaf and offer an excellent model for

studying congenital deafness. With the implant, cats will come

when called and demonstrate behaviorally that they can hear. The cat whereÕs a chocler implant for 8 hours.  

Is there a bionic hand that gives you sensory back to your hand.  According to anomimous site, Funded by the Future and Emerging Technologies initiative of the IST programme, the CYBERHAND project aims to hard wire this hand into the nervous system, allowing sensory feedback from the hand to reach the brain, and instructions to come from the brain to control the hand, at least in part. The hand will feel like a normal hand before bionics



How it works

Are bionics connected to the brain or a computer?  According to a anonymous site, Some bionic parts are controlled by computers. While others are electrically connected to brain impulses. So, some bionics are hooked up with the brain and some with computers.

Does Phonak make hearing aids. According to Adueo, Phonak makes hearing aids and they made adeuo smart, the worldÕs smallest hearing aid. If itÕs the worlds smallest hearing aid, it must be small!




So, thatÕs the amazing world of bionics. ItÕs a amazing how awesome bionics are!