The Game System You Dream About, X-Box 360

By: Shveedon


Hello lonely reader, to put some joy in your life, I made this report. Now you can brag to your friends that you know more stuff than they do about the X-box. In my report I am going to cover four topics, history, how it works, types of them, and what it is.

What It Is

This paragraph is about what it is, and what X-box Live is. LetŐs start with what it is, according to; the x-box is a sixth generation console, Microsoft made it to get back in the gaming business. A feature of the Xbox is, according to, Eric Qualls, Xbox Live is an online gaming system where you can play games with people all over the world, You have to get a nickname, and with Xbox live you can download trailers and demos and trailers and the Xbox live arcade. The Xbox is SO cool so now when you want to play with your friend who lives in China you can invite him and tell him to meet you somewhere on Xbox Live; you can talk to him and share videos with him, AWESOME RIGHT?


This paragraph is about when the Xbox was invented, and when it was released.  According to, the Xbox was invented in 2004. Now, when it was released, according to,; the X-box was released in 2001 on November 15. Fun facts like that could be used for a lot of different reasons like for example, if you had a random trivia game for no reason whatsoever YOU could ask some of the questions that I have told you about and when your friends are stumped you could tell the real answer and feel good about yourself.J

This paragraph is about, who and what. First I am going to talk about whom. According to Lovetoknow Corp. There wasn't an individual who invented the Xbox it was a lot of people. Now for what, according to, Microsoft made the Xbox 360. I bet those guys (and company) are RICH I even have an Xbox and I know a bunch of people who do so they must be LOADED.

How It Works

This paragraph is really just about how the Xbox works. According to, Robert Valdes, The Xbox 360 is a computer, hardware, software for video games. The Xbox 360 has a lot inside it like, CPU and GHz cores, Custom ATI graphics etc. Also, according to, Archie Lopez, There are a ton of differences between the different types of Xboxes for example, There colors, one is white, one is silver, and one is black. The Arcade replaced the Xbox Core, The Pro has all the features of the arcade, like the actual arcade, and it has more memory. The Elite is like a combination between the two, its black and has much more memory with all the features of the Xbox arcade and pro. So which one will YOU choose?

This paragraph is about the memory of the Xbox.  According to, Microsoft Corporation, An Xbox 360 memory unit can hold 512 MB of memory on a keychain. Also, according to,, It has 120GB Capacity memory with lots of other gadgets. That is a TON of memory for a keychain and a console I wish my brain had that much memory. 

Types OfÉ

This paragraph is about the types of Xboxes and games there are.  According to,, There are three different types of Xboxes, Arcade, Pro and Elite. There are a lot of games for the Xbox so if you want to know just how many there are, keep reading. According to,, there are at least 500 games available. ThatŐs AWESOME so if your REALLY rich like Bill Gates you could play 1 per day for almost 2 Years, go crazy game freaks.


So now you can talk to your friends and tell them all you know. Thank you for reading my report and for your time and remember when your friends ask you where you got so smart you can them you learned from, Shveedon!