What Else does a cell phone do ?

By Patriots Fan


Hey, you know that cell phones can call and some other stuff like text right, but what else do they do?. In this report I will try to tell all I can about it like some future phones with flexible touch screens and other cool features, what the cell phone is and does, and its history. If you donŐt read my report you will not know any thing about cell phones and in the future when EVERYONE has a cell phone including 2 year olds youŐll fell as dumb as a potato. (and you probably will be(in cell phone facts ect.)

What it is

WhatŐs this droid phone and what is special about it? PC world claims that the motorola droid phone is 200$ with a two year contract from Verizon price as of October and it is solid fell and heft. There is a 3.7 inch touch screed making good androids 2.0s new features the droid is a strong (good) web surfing and commicating tool. 

What are the top selling apps for iphone?!?.  According to itunes store the top ten best selling apps are 1. Live cams   2. Cartoon wars-gunner 3. BATTLESHIP 4. Ivideo camera - record video 5. Red laser 6.Doodle Jump -BEWARNED: InsÉ 7. Basic Spanish For Dummies 8. WhereŐs Waldo?  The Fantastic 9. Bejewled 2 10. Skee-Ball those are then top ten best selling apps for iphone I thought it was pretty funny how number seven was Basic Spanish for dummies





Who was the man to start the evolution of cell phones  Newstream/Arraycomm says that the man with the plan was Dr.Martin Cooper.  IsnŐt amazing that a BUNCH of teenagers have cell phones and yet an oldie invented it I thought that that was pretty interesting.


This is about how old he was when he invented it. Cellular say that cooper was now 70 wanted people to be able to bring along their cell phones any where they went and yet again in this amazing technological world ANOTHER successful man that invented one of the biggest invention of all time 


When was this great piece of technology made? Well Mike Singh tells that dr.Martin Cooper has the thought but he actually invented it in 1973 some time in the begging of april and that was not to long ago only like almost 37 years a got some of our dads are older that that WOW!

This AMAZING piece of technology was for sale inÉ  Mike Singh also says that it came out later that year of 1973 and all though I hear that the first cell phone did have its first few problems though but still a phone you can carry around. WOW!


Although he has a GREAT idea how long was it from the idea to the invention?  According to cellular it was an idea in 1947 and it was invented in 1973 then it would be 26 long years of working to invent a cellular phone. Could you believe he was 44 when he thought of it and he was 70 when he invented wow that was a long 26 years I bet.


This paragraph is about where it was invented?. Cellular says that the cell phone was invented by dr.Martin Cooper at bell labs ( a base station in New York) and he had a group of people to work with and like they say yet he did to probably have fails and then he came to success.

This paragraph is about the first call. Cellular claims that the first call was made from New York (I donŐt know where it was received but it was made from New York) on April 3, 1973 to Joel Engel. From New York (I bet you can take a tour of bell labs (I donŐt know though )  I bet thatŐs part of the reason new your is so big.


Have you heard of the first brick?  Associated press at msnbc.nsn.com say that the first BRICK (aka cell phone) weighed 2 POUNDS, offered just half and hour of talk time for every recharge.  The cell phones first sold for $3,995 (4,000) chunky and overpriced??? Not in there day (198 4) when costumers lined up into buy the first cellular phone as soon as it hit the stores. IŐm surprised that now you can get cell phones for almost free with mail and rebate.


Ring ring ring tones read on to find out about ring ring ring tones.  According to an expert (Mr.Welch). Ring tones were invented in Findland in 1996 but then sold in 1998.


Future phones

Flexible touch screen and liquid battery phone. Vaid Balan says that a cool futuristic phone is the Nokia 888 communicator that uses liquid batteries, flexible touch screen and speech recognition.  

This is about the nokia aeon.  According to Vaid Balan the nokia aeon is also a great phone that will probably come out in febuary. It has a touch screen and it looks prett y cool and it has cool features. Isnt it COOL!!!  I think I want the touch screen phone and that is like next month!!!


Do like things that are sleek and slim? Then read on...  Vaid Balan says that the sleek and slim phone from sky is a cool phone that has touch screen technology. It has a glowing touch pad and it also has a sweet design. Gees, whats up with a ll the touch screens!!  I like touch screens and I like sleek & slim stuff I should get THIS phone.

A good phone for women is the benq siemens snaked.

Vaid Balan claims that a good phone for women is the benq siemens snaked. HereŐs more about itÉ So designers though of woman and what they like and then they presented Snaked. It is  a reptile looking phone and of creepy, but is still VERY cool the snaked is a fashion phone for sport loving women(like mrs stokes). It has a body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep the fine shapes they like the phone to be in.  i think all women athletes or runners should get that phone


Do you know what the Retroxis phone is? Vaid Balan thinks that if most phones presented here (on this website) will never be sold in stores then that would not be good, but the Retroxis concept phone from Dark Label looks kind like it will come out and makes up hope that we will be able to get one in out life. Designed by Lim Sze Tat the phone is encased for its lightweight and toughness and has and invisible OLED display that silently hides away when not used or inactive.  I hope i can get that phone in my lifetime!!!


The black box (what is that?).  Well Vaid Balan says The Black Box uses a touch screen that changes the control layout. IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!   Wow i t must be sold with at&t


Annoyed that you have to hold the phone with your shoulder to your head?  Well Vaid Balan must really like this phone because he has put GREAT info on it because the nec tag is a great phone that has a long top to wrap around things like you could get a hat and wrap it around that and not have to hol d it, or you could just wrap it around your wrist or around a bar or something. Me personally, I really like this phone.


This is about the watch phone.  According to Vaid Balan. this watch can turn into a cell phone, man, imagine having one of those. It also has a speaker button that allows the user to answer the phone, and you can also hang up while driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, no wonder it 's called a triple watch.






So how did you like the touch screens and sleek phones?  I did personally, I want one of those phones.  So now we have talked about what it is, the history, and nine AWSOME future phones.  I really hoped that you liked my report with the awesome coolio things I told you in my report so ya maybe someday you wil l get one of these futuristic  phones one day.