The Big The Bad The S.W.A.T

By SYDNEY RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever been attacked by a robber or a bad guy. Well you know who saved your life ItÕs the swat. ThatÕs right and my report is on all the things they do. This report will tell you about history, what they do, how the swat system works and other things.


File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 5.2This paragraph is about what swat is. According to, Swat is an elite team of policemen who use a lot of giant firearms; they are the ones who do bigger situations like hostage rescues and terrorism. They have cool special equipment including heavy body armor, entrance tools, strong vehicles, and awesome night vision optics, and motion detectors for finding the positions of people being held hostage. Wow I did not know they had armored vehicle thatÕs awesome.


What does S.W.A.T stand for?  According to true b at, it stands for special weapons and tactics. Which means that they are a special team of police officers who have better bigger stronger weapons then normal police and they are the ones who strategically find how to put bad guys in prison. So they are way way waaaayyy better than the police.

The History of Swat

When was the Swat invented? According to, swat has been in existence since 1975 when it used machine guns, assault rifle, sniper rifle. This is the most highly trained team in America it is very high techy. Wow that was before my brother was born and he is 21.

Who is the longest serving Swat officer according to, he is a patrolman who blocked a bullet and helped save over 30 airplane passengers in a crash, he recently left his team. His name is James Gnew. ThatÕs amazing I wish I could do that.

 Who is the last remaining officer in the oldest swat team According to, James Gnew is the last remaining officer at ClevelandÕs first swat team. I know this is short but if you connect this to the other one it fits together.


WHAT WAS THE FIRST SWAT TEAM ASSEMBLED according to wikipedia the first swat team was the Los Angeles police department. I donÕt really like Los Angeles

How does Swat work.

What educational requirements do you need to be a swat officer? According to brad r you have to have a minimum of three years of law enforcement. Must be a volunteer, excellent physical and mental condition. Has to pass a psychological exam. Required to have a battery of fitness tests each 30 days. You have to be 29 or older and be able to run at least a mile and a half in 10 to 12 minutes. Once a swat member is picked it takes about 2 years before the member is trained to minimum level requirements. I donÕt think I could run a mile and a half that fast


How thick are bulletproof vests that swat officerÕs wear. According to wikipedia, the ballistic vest has the power to deflect handguns and shotgun projectiles and that is only some of it. That would be awesome if I could deflect handgun bullets.

Do SWAT officers use camouflage. According to they do wear camouflage, and gas masks they also use flash bangs that flash stuff to let them get away. That is unbelievable


Which has bigger guns swat or police according to wikipedia the heaviest gun is the shotgun and according to wikipedia the swat uses heavier and bigger guns.


Thank you very very much for your time this has been my amazingly awesome report on S.W.A.T thank you.