Lie Detector Awesome information!


By: Wizard 639


Were are the places Have you ever wanted to know if someone is lying to you? Well you can find out about that with the Lie Detector. This awesome report you can find out about what it is, the history of Lie Detector, and how it works. SO if keep reading my report you will learn about stuff you have never learn before (Top Secrets). Also about what can it cause?

What it is

Where are places where the police get lie detectors? According to Cristian Popa, the federal government can give polygraph tests to government contractors involved in national security projects. In the private sector, security and pharmaceutical firms can still use the polygraph on current orprospective employees. If I were you I wouldnÕt LIE to police.


Is there a difference between a polygraph and a lie detector?

According to Cristian Popa, The lie detector and the polygraph are different because of what they measure. It says that many things can cause heartbeat, blood pressure, and reception. WOW THAT AMAZING!!!


Who invented the lie detector and when was it invented? According to, it was John A. Larson that invented the Lie Detector. He was a medical graduated in California. According to, the polygraph (Lie detector) was invented in 1917. WOW THAT WAS A LONG TIME AGO!

Where was the first lie detector made, and why do they like it so much?

According to, The first lie detector was made in 1921. John A. Larson That the lie detector now can measure.

According to Cristian Popa, The reason why they like the lie detector is it tells true and if lying or not. It is the real evidence.





How does it work?

What can it measure and cause.

       According to Crisitan Popa, it can measure blood pressure, heartbeat, and electrical resistance. Respiration for the instruments it measures. Then measure of lie detector can cause It can cause conditions like colds, headaches, constipation. It can also measure the nervousness and fear in it. That the machine will caught a lie and can say it is true too. WOWS DONÕT EVER LIE IN YOUR LIFE. An less you want these causes.


How do they know there really lying, and can the people who use it lie?  According to Kevin Bonsor, if you know the are really lying is how they can tell is by an instruments that monitor the person by the y reaction and their behavior being displayed while using the lie detector. According to Crisitan Popa, Some of the employee can be dishonest when they use the lie detector on people that are lying too.  PLEASE DONÕT LIE!!!!!!!


Can you fool the lie detector? According to Kevin Bonsor, yes there are the cases of those who failed the test and whose lying was corroborated by other evidence. There are the cases of those who, seeing they are failing the test, suddenly confess. WOW  that is cool



Well know you know That IT IS NOT GOOD TO LIE and what the cause can be bad. From my report I hope you really enjoyed it and had fun reading. Have a good day.