Cool things About A Sports Car J

By Mr. Bubbles



Would this car be cool to have?

Hey any one who wants to learn about sports cars and how it works, what it is, and history keep reading! You see that picture up there. It is one of the many cool sports cars in the world. If you donŐt like sports cars there is something wrong with you!!

What it is

What is the difference between the exotic car and the sports car? The Sports cars are less likely to be seen driving around on the road, because the parts of an exotic are cheaper. And less people make sports cars than exotic.


What does lAMV stand for?

The M600 Light Aerial Multi-purpose Vehicle (LAMV) is an aircraft with the vertical take-off and landing capabilities of a helicopter and the maximum speed of a high performance aircraft and without the limitations of either. Using these capabilities the M600 can shave critical minutes from a variety of missions where operational flexibility and speed are imperative. Forces using the LAMV would have unmatched speed and agility in positioning and repositioning from widely dispersed locations allowing them to achieve operational objectives quickly and decisively.


Who invented the sports car?

         There is mot a real answer to this question but it goes all of the way back to Leonardo da Vinci when he was creating designs and models for cars.


What is the fastest all American sports car?

The fastest all American car, is the saleen S7 twin turbo but close to second comes the Bugatti Veyron. But there are still lots of cars that might be able to catch up to the Bugatti Veyron in a race. ;P

Where was the first sports car race?

The first car race was held in Chicago in 1895.  The first track ran from Chicago to Evanston.  The winner of the first race was J. Frank Duryea and as fast as he got going was 71.5 miles per hour.



How it works

Does a normal car (like a Camry) get as good gas mileg as the sports car?

Yes the sports cars donŐt get very good gas mileg. That is like one of the only downside of having a sports car. I mean they are so cool!!


How long does it take an airbag to deploy?

In a frontal crash airbags usually deploy within 50 milliseconds of the crash. In a side crash, airbags usually deploy much faster, 10-20 milliseconds of the crash, because there is not much space between the person and the car. I feel safe knowing they deploy fast, but I still never want to get in a crash.


How does the airbag deflate?

The airbag deflates through the tiny holes in the bag.  The airbag's purpose is to keep the person from hitting the steering wheel or having whiplash, so once it has done its job, it can deflate because it is no longer useful.





So now do you think you want to get a sports car? I bet you do. I do. There are a ton of up sides about the sports car and just a few downsides. All of that info about what it is, history, and how it works gets you wanting to get a sports car. (And plus your kids love it because everyone is telling them how cool their car is Just kidding) J