Freaking Awesome Machine Guns

By Zoke


Have you ever talked to a friend who asks you so many questions? ItÕs just one question after another. How do you turn on the computer? How do you open the door? How do you send this e-mail? The send button is right in front of your face you retard! DonÕt you feel like you just want to blow their freaking head off? You want to shoot them and then you turn to do it but you donÕt have anything. Yes! HereÕs your solution. Machine guns. Just pull the trigger and all of your talking annoying problems get pumped full of led! IÕm going to talk about different kinds of machine guns and what they do.

Machine Guns

IÕm going to talk about the STG44 According to and Wikipedia, STG stands for Stermgewehr. ThatÕs a weird German word. The STG44 can shoot 500-600 rounds per minute! That is really fast!! The STG44 can shoot 300 meters affectively! That's pretty far! Nazi Germany invented the STG44! That's an awesome gun!


Next, IÕm going to tell you about the AA12 shotgun. According to wikipedia, Maxwell Atchisson invented the AA-12 shotgun.. The AA-12 can shoot 75 meters accurately! That's crazy! The AA-12 Shotgun can shoot 360 rounds per minute! That's fast! AA-12 stands for Atchisson Assault Shotgun. That's a weird name.


Now, IÕm going to tell you about the ACR. According to Wikipedia, The ACR can shoot all the way to 300-600 meters! Woot! The ACR can shoot 750-800 RPM! That's fast!


Now IÕll tell you about the RBU-6000. According to BHARAT RAKSHAK, There is a rocket launcher machine gun. It's called the RBU-6000. It can shoot 12 rockets per round. It can shoot 6000 meters far. That's almost five miles!


This paragraph is about the ac-130 gunship.

According to wikipedia The Lockheed AC heavily armed ground-attack aircraft. The basic airframe is manufactured by Lockheed, and Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship -130 gunship is a and for aircraft support.[1] It is a variant of the C-130 Hercules transport plane. The AC-130A Gunship II superseded the AC-47 Gunship I in the Vietnam War.

The gun shipÕs sole user is the United States Air Force, which uses AC-130H Specter and AC-130U Spooky variants.[2] The AC-130 is powered by four turboprops and has an armament ranging from 20 mm Gatling guns to 105 mm howitzers. It has a standard crew of twelve or thirteen airmen, including five officers (two pilots, a navigator, an electronic warfare officer and a fire control officer) and enlisted personnel (flight engineer, electronics operators and aerial gunners).

The US Air Force uses the AC-130 gun ships for close air support, air interdiction, and force protection. Close air support roles include supporting ground troops, escorting convoys, and flying urban operations. Air interdiction missions are conducted against planned targets and targets of opportunity. Force protection missions include defending air bases and other facilities. Currently, AC-130U Spooky model gun ships are stationed at Hulbert Field in Northwest Florida and the AC-130H models are stationed at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The gunship squadrons are part of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), a component of United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM).



So there is how you get your friend to shutup. Choose the ACR, AA-12, RBU-6000, or the STG-44.