All the Info you need about CARS

By Eddy the Mechanic







How have they improved According to Jacobs, Zach, When the first car was made it was much simpler and it was not that comfortable when people rode in it because the roads were just dirt. They started making lots of improvements. ADD_FLAVOR.



This paragraph is about the biggest car factory in the UK. According to, The biggest car factory in England is nissan motor.  They make a lot of cars in Europe.  It's been active for a long time.

How it Works

This paragraph is about ŌThe Disappearing Car DoorÕ.  According to Jatech LLC, the disappearing car door folds down under the car. It allows access to the front and the back. You can just hit a button on the clicker and it opens.  I think it is really dumb because people don't have to do any work.  


What are some cool features on cars According to an unknown author some features that are cool are when a car drives with all of its wheels ItÕs called 4-wheel drive.  Another cool feature is hydraulics, which lifts up the car. Into the air.  I think that hydraulics are cool cause you lift up into the air by pressing a button

What it is

I will tell you what a car is. According to the Dictionary, a car is powered by a battery and drives on four wheels. It is usually able to drive with two wheels, until four-wheel drive is put on. It is made to carry a small group of people. I think that the dictionary is so smart because it has tons of information in it.




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Jacobs, Zach

Cars have improved over the years.

January 11,2011

The old cars were simpler than the new cars. When the first one drove it was uncomfortable to the people because of the roads. They started making improvements immedietly.