Cool Phones in the future

By Mr. Pickle & Mrs. Pickle & their Kids


Have you ever wanted to know about Future cell phones?
Well if you want to know about them THEN READ THIS!! ok?  It will have some awesome cell phones that you will want for your birthday.

Future Phones

This paragraph is about a future phone called the natural cell phone. According to, People tend to keep cell phones for only two years, and Je-Hyun KimÕs Natural Year Phone concept takes that into consideration. The phone is designed to naturally biodegrade after the two years are up. It looks like the phone is made up out of hay (but its green L) well anyways it falls apart like you broke it.

This paragraph is about a future phone called the kambala.  According to, A pop-up phone! Ilshat Garipov's "Kambala" is a fascinating concept that features a center piece that can pop out to fit into your ear, making it an earphone. In theory, it will also have the ability to match your skin tone, rendering it almost invisible. It is very cool but it canÕt fold up L, It is flatish and black.


This paragraph is about a future phone called the packet phone.  According to, Emir Rifat's "Packet" phone won first place at the Istanbul Design Week 2007. The tiny phone starts off at 5 cm square, then folds out as needed for different functions. It folds not like the phone above and its blue!


This paragraph is about a future phone called the sticker phone.  According to "Sticker Phone" has a solar panel on the back of the phone and a curved surface that will allow it to stick to a window via suction to charge. Plus, you won't lose your phone somewhere on your desk. Its very funny actually you can stick it on you window and it looks like something weird on your window when somebody walks past.


This paragraph is about a future phone called the flexible phone.  According to This Nokia concept is made of memory plastic that can be molded to fit around a wrist, for example, then can be heated to return to it's original shape. You can be a fashionable braceletJ.


This is about some More  future phones

This paragraph is about a future phone called the leaf phone.  According toÉ Anastasia Zharkova's organic "Leaf Phone" melds aesthetic creativity with functionality. The winding stem of the leaves could be wrapped around a user's arm, wrist, neck, or other body part.(when you wrap it around your neck donÕt do it to tight, you might choke I think.)


This paragraph is about a future phone called the wearable terminal.  According toÉ NTT DoCoMo's prototype "wearable terminal" brings us one step closer to being cyborgs. You stick your index finger in your ear to hear and speak through the microphone at the back of the wristband, then snap your fingers to connect or disconnect the call. That would be so fun  to snap (wouldnÕt it?!?!)


This paragraph is about a future phone called the pen phone.  According toÉ This pen phone is one of the thinnest and smallest phone designs yet. While it's designed to be connected mainly via a blue tooth headset, the top and bottom of the phone do include a receiver and earpiece. Ok every things fun and cool but it canÕt write, and thatÕs sad because itÕs a pen!


This paragraph is about future phone called fujustiÕs concept phone  According toÉ A concept phone from Fujitsu's cellphone design contest. But in the picture its in like a bottle type thing.


This paragraph is about how many people have cell phones in the U.S.  According to about 87.4% of the U.S population. Or 270 million people. ThatÕs a ton of people.


Facts about the cell phone

This paragraph is about how much it takes to make a cell phone.  According to Check the full cost breakdown of both iPhone models after the jump. Four Gbyte Media player functionality (such as video, charging, audio etc) $68.60         Bluetooth $19.10

GSM/EDGE Air interference quality $19.25Other PCB level components $37.20

Camera Module $11

Display 3.5 inch LTPS touch screen $33.50

Mechanical components $12

Battery $5.20

final manufactuaring $15.50

Hardware $15.98

Total: $245.83 that is a Lot of stuff.


This paragraph is about how much the first cell phone cost.  According to, The first cell phones invented cost a lot more than most people would be prepared to pay. They were around $4,000 each. ( I wonder why nobody had them.)


This paragraph is about who invented the cel phone.  According toÉ    Dr Martin Cooper, a former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, is considered the inventor of the first portable handset and the first person to make a call on a portable cell phone in April 1973. The first call he made was to his rival, Joel Engel, Bell Labs head of research.


This paragraph is about what is a bendable cell phone.  According toÉ Nokia is getting some attention today for a concept cell phone called Morph, made of a bendable and stretchable material that would let you shape the phone any way you want.


Topic Sentence5.  According toÉ The first person to make a call on a portable cell phone in April 1973 was Martin Cooper who called his arch rival. Which is very funny.



I hope you liked, no, Loved my report on some awesome things about cell phones. Well if you didnÕt you read it wrong or something because this should be the Best cell phone report You Have Ever Read! Well if you didnÕt then thatÕs very strange.





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