The wicked world of video games

By Hello Kitty the Beast


Is your house full of stinky books? You had better have a T.V. Is your computer used often enough? Is your video game shelf full? It had better be! If you are missing all this stuff, then you had better read this information. Even if all this stuff reminds you of your house, you should totally read this. I will tell you all about video games like history and how is works.


This section is about the first video game sold. According to Wikipedia, Computer Space was the first video game sold in 1971. This was the entertainment industry for the late 1900s in the U.S, Europe, and Japan. This is the best part!

This section will tell you about Mario and Friends.  According to and unknown person, Mario was created in 1985. Since then he has become a worldwide phenomenon. ThereÕs probably not a single person who doesnÕt know Mario. He's that famous. Koji Kondo created him. I love to play Mario because it is a great game.

This paragraph is about the worldÕs popular video game.  According to Wikipidea Super Mario Bros is a platform video game developed by Nintendo in late 1985. Entertainment System as a sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros. In Super Mario Brother titular characters seek to rescue Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, king of the Koopas. Mario's younger brother, Luigi, is only playable by the second player, and he assumes the same plot role as Mario.


This part of my report is about how much itÕs cost to make a video game. According to Expert, People must use a ton of money to make video games. It said that over four billion dollars are spent on video games. Who has that kind of money? I think that they must sell over 100 video games a year. I think that because they use over four billion dollars a year.



What It Is or Does

I will tell you what a video game is. According to the Dictionary, a video game is a game played electronically that is played on a computer program, television screen or other means of displaying with a screen. IÕve heard that if you spend too much time watching a screen, then your brains disappear. How scary!




This is about tennis for two.  According to Jeff Tyson, Tennis for two was made in a lab by William Higinbothm, a nuclear physicist. It first came out in public in 1958.  You have to have "TWO" people to play (duh).  Furthermore, he was known for stopping people from processing too many bombs. That is really cool to me.


I hoped you liked my report on video games. I want you to get that video game shelf full. If this relates to you I think you should play a video game at a friends house if you donÕt have one. If you like my report then give me a coment.



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