Police robots

By Harry monster


Do you like gripping stories and robots? Well this is your solution this report will tell you some really interesting facts about police robots, and tell you some of the really cool gadgets that they have.


Police robot cameras are cool.  According to Queensland police the police robot has a 24- inch camera extender and can hold up to 4 hours of video about the mission and has lots of color in the camera and the control device has a laser-dot aiming camera! Also it has a really really powerful battery.   I think thatÕs really, really cool because the camera can extend.  So, if it wanted to ŌspyĶ on a robber, it could extend.


         Why where they invented?  According to Queensland police the very first police robot was invented to go in to places that police canÕt go into. Like Smokey areas and suspicious area and the police robots can go in their police robots can hold up to 4 hours of mission and I think that is really cool. Also police robots can go on really bumpy dirt roads and has a really cool 24 expanding inch color camera! I think that the police robot is cool because it has so many gadgets.

What kind of places can they go into?  According to Queensland police, Westinghouse invented the police robots so they can go into places that nobody can go in to like lots of smoke or bomb watched places. Police robots are armed with there choice of guns. I think that it is cool because it has its choice of weapons.


Police robots and bombs work together. According to Jonathan Strickland One area that presents real and immediate danger to police officers is a bomb threat police robots cant go in to real thick smoke and police robots can they can go into a place that have hidden bombs. I think that it is so cool that police robot and bombs can interact with each other.


What is on a police robot? According to Queensland police, police robots have Multi-shot TASER electro Night vision cameras.
 Choice of weapons  – 40- grenade launcher electronic control device with laser-dot aiming.
I think that the police robot was a wonderful invention because it can protect people.

What It Is or Does

Police robots missions are important.  According to wiki.com,   These devices may not look very impressive but they're hard pieces of machinery designed to handle some of the most dangerous situations police can find In this article, we'll learn what makes these robotic devices tick and the different ways police can use them .I think there cool because the police robots are made out of them which makes them harder to destroy on missions





My report was about police robots what they are and how they work and there choice of weapons and I hope you found every thing you where looking for.






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