Vidio games

By Tanner Purser     


My paragraph is about when was the first game made.  According to Brookhaven, A section of the blueprint for the original tennis game designed in 1958 by Higginbotham. This is more about the 50th anniversary event in 2008.  I think he lived so long to make video games inventions.



This paragraph is about who invented madden. According to Brookhaven, Since the first Madden football title appeared in 1988, EAs gridiron series has become a bona fide gaming phenomenon, shifting an obscene number of units.. Id rather play video games.


This paragraph is about what did the first game look like.  According to Brook haven, Tennis for two was the first game ever made by Higinbotham.  Higinbotham got his ideas from his school.  The screen was green and has little tiny balls.  He was really good at electronics.  I think he was a cool inventor, and he made cool history and games.