Cell Phones

By bob


When was the cell phone invented?  According to Cell phones.org, today we have lots of people using cell phones and 15 years ago, they were a HUGE rarity. The cell phone was invented in 1973. Dr. Martin Cooper is considered the inventor of the portable hand cell phone set. Cell phones are really cool! Dr. Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone!


How has it improved over time? According to Wikipedia, radio Phones have a long way of varied history going backward to Reginald Fessenden's invention and shore-to-ship explanation of Radio Telephony according to Wiki. In the Second World War, the military used these a lot. When they used these, sometimes they would want to call their families, call for help, and etc. The history of cell phones is SO long!!! Like this:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________!!!  


How many people use cell phones?  According to Noah Simmons, millions of people use cell phones just from the United States. The way so many people can use cell phones is because there are cell phone towers. So many people were using cell phones, they had to make more cell phone towers. Its amazing that tons over tons of people use cell phones. Where ever you look, you will probably see people with cell phones.