Some random video game report

By the mooing cow of Juab


Ok if you like video games and do it EVERY DAY you should read this RIGHT AWAY. This report talks about parts of a video game parts, and what kinds there are, and a awesome conclusion.

Part of video games

Video game parts.  According to wikipidea, a video game uses a interaction and interface to generate visual feedback on a video divide. I think that it is neat that video games need a interface and interaction to generate a visual feedback.

What kinds are there

What are some video games?  According to James Johnson, micro soft released the first counsel of the seventh generation in 2005 named the "X Box 360". The system runs on a 3-core power PC. Other video games are, play station portable, nintendo ds, brown box, the oddesy, arari, and pong. I think that there are hundreds of counsels, and lots were in the seventh generation in 2005.