Burglar alarms



Do you like burglars? I definitely donŐt. When you read about burglar alarms you will find out how you can get rid of them from braking into your car I hope you will like my report and all that it will teach you read it. READYÉSETÉGO


This Paragraph is about when it was invent and who invented it According to James Gregery the first burglar alarm was invented in 1850 yay and it was invented by a Boston inventor Augustus Pope in 1850 and developed commercially by Edwin Holmes and Thomas Watson. Their version was patented in 1858. 

This Paragraph is about how much a burglar alarm costs. According to Amazon.com the burglar alarm is about 19.99 a month for 5 months if you were rich then that would be a very very good deal but ya.


This Paragraph is about when the first burglar alarm was invented According to Amazon.com Edwin Holmes invented the first electric burglar alarm system in the 1850s. His alarm consisted of a bell that rang if a door or window were opened. Affluent homeowners in New York City bought the alarm because of the area's high crime rates. I think itŐs interesting that the alarm would go off right when the burglar opens your window.  Caught ya!

 What It Is or Does

This Paragraph is about how it works According to James Gregery the alarm works (well my alarm works) you set up some little devices around your house and if you open a door or window it will say what door or window opens and if you set it to go off while your sleeping it will call the police for you and they will arrest them for coming in.


This Paragraph is about how thunder can set off your car alarm According to Amazon.com the thunder can shake your car and if it is really bad thunder storm it can break your windows and it can think it is a burglar so the car alarm will go off and if your window breaks a burglar accilly can come in and take your things so keep your cars in your garage

 This Paragraph is about how to set it up a burglar alarm According to Amazon.com there are a lot of wires that can plug into the wall cause there is a cable connector and your supposed to plug to the right color and there is another cable box that you have to do the same thing with that and then stow them both together and then there you go you got your self a alarm but you have to have the person (or company) come and help you set it the password that you wont so that it knows when to go of and who to go off at.


How it Works

This Paragraph is about how it works.  According to James Gregry they put little sencers around there home and when you set the alarm and the window or door opens the alarm will go off and call the polices so you donŐt have to call and you can be sneaky about it.



When I was looking at my report I found that I had learned a lot of new things about the alarm and theyŐre really cool to like how thunder can set of your car alarm that was really fun learning about and I even found some one that had a real experience with that it was awesome




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