Crazy for Cars

By: Michel Jordan 


Getting the perfect car is all about style. You need to think about the history of the car, how many miles it can go on a gallon, and if youÕre really nice, you can think about a hybrid. If you are a person looking for the right car, then you need to read this report. IÕm going to talk about the history of cars! All right, lets learn!!!


When, were and who invented the first?  According to new cool the first "car" was created in 1769. It was steamed powered and hauled French artillery at a slow walking pace of 2 1/2 mph. In fact by Nicolas Cygnet in 1769 in France, three wheeled and powered by steam. Two Germans, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, both took credit for making the first car. Eventually the car companies that they founded combined to become the Daimler-Benz Company, which still produces Mercedes-Benz automobiles more than 100 years later.


Why did they invent the car and how long ago was it?

According to new cool they did it to go places fast so they will not be late. It was invented 80 years ago in France it was powered by steam.


What was the first car was called? According to new cool the 1st self-powered road vehicles were powered by steam engines, NJ Cugnot built the 1st automobile in 1769, no name is listed.


Is there a car than can hold a wheel chair?

     According to Sarah Rich and the website, IÕm able to tell you this. Have you ever wandered if you can fit a whole wheelchair in a car? Well, now thanks to the small American company called VPG, that fantasy is now a reality. VPG has put together a new car where you can fit a whole wheel chair in it. This is a great creation in our time! Now, families can help a loved one with transportation without hurting the injured person.


Are flying cars real?

     According to Wikipedia, a flying car is only fiction. But too all American geniuses, this is the newest scientific research. Flying cars are just as true as the back of your hand. This car might even come out in the time we start driving. So, lots of us are going to be having a flying car. Can you imagine, owning a flying car? I could go see my grandma in Oklahoma every day and still live in Utah! This is amazing! Flying cars are real, Wikipedia!


Have you heard of the new police car?

       According to General Motors LLC, a new car for 2011, the StabiliTrak. This car's electronic stability control with traction helps keep you on the road and in control. The Tahoe PPV police car also has numerous elements designed with law enforcement. Something cool about this car, it has a rear bench seat, heavy-duty floor covering, climate control, and front and back air conditioning. This is just like my car! It really has great traction, and itÕs super rummy in the front and in the back. All the bad people are going to have a great place to sit in this car!



So, do you know how to find the perfect car? How about that flying car? I know IÕd like one of those. Or a police car, which would be sweet! Slug bug, that is just too girly, but all and all, THAT, is my report about cars.