By the little green man


This report is about the history police robots, what it is or does, and how they work there is some very interesting things in this report like how much does it cost and what they can do that do that police canŐt and there is one to see if there are waterproof and if they can have mouths and if they can have mouths if they can work so as I tell you this is a very interesting you donŐt have to agree with me but I think they are interesting.


This paragraph is about how much it costs.  According to Jonathon sticklon. in some areas probably something like Mexico or something like that donŐt cost anything not even a penny it's free how awesome is that police can do a lot of there job with robots


This paragraph is about itŐs value.  According to Jonathon sticklon. The Russian police have not released much about there robot that roams the streets. There first try was so in embarrassing  after a few hours hitting the street the R Bot 001 encountered some stormy weather. Unfortunately it was raining.  Some people probably say it. The first try was when it was raining in the street and it was not waterproof so they had to go out and get it. What happened inside the robot and it shorting out it's electrical system and the officers had to retrieve the R Bot 001 and tack it back and for repairs.

What It Is or Does

This paragraph is about what they can do  According to Jonathon sticklon. Police robots can do a verity of things a police can't do and the police robot can be a mile away and still be able to be controlled. A police robot disables and locates bombs. A police man/woman has special classes or goggles that you ware to see in the 5 cameras, the police talk into a microphone to talk to people or hostages, and they have a  controller to guide the police robot. A police robot has a battery simpler to a car battery.

How it Works

      This paragraph is about if there waterproof.  According to Jonathon sticklon. this robot is Russian and it was a very cool robot, until it hit some wetness. It had a button that let people push it and it would call police and send police to that place.  [COPY&PASTE_NOTECD] ADD_FLAVOR.


This paragraph is about can they have mouths and will they work if they can.  According to Jonathon sticklon. This robot has a button that can call police in a time of need, It also can tell drink people to go home and stop drinking


This sentence is about who makes any robots.  According to The Enforcement Droid Series 209, or ED-209, is a fictional robot in the Robocop franchise. The ED-209 serves as a heavily-armed obstacle and foil for the series' titular character, as well as a source of comic relief due to its lack of intelligence and tendency to malfunction.  The ED-209 was designed by Craig Davies, who also built the full size models, and animated by Phil Tippett, a veteran stop-motion animator. Davies and Tippett would go on to collaborate on many more projects. As one of the set pieces of the movie, the ED-209Ős look and animated sequences were under the close supervision of director Paul Verhoeven, who sometimes acted out the robot's movements himself. According to Jonathon sticklon Craig Davies invented the police robot named ED-209 that so cool huh!


So thatŐs the end of my report did you like it bye bye.


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