Video games

By scotter/samsqach


This paragraph is about who invented Madden.  According to Mary Bellis, John Madden invented madden in 1990 he was a coach for the raiders he mad It in the hall of fame.  I think itŐs cool because I like the Raiders.  TheyŐre my favorite team.



This paragraph is about types of video games. There are many types of video games. And video game systems there are also some stuff for video games thereŐs this new one that they just made its called connect instead of using a controller and pressing a bunch of buttons youŐre the controller its only for the x-box360 though but its so cool if you jump in the game you jump or go up but it doesn't work for every game for the x-box360. There are millions of videogames you can play. And there are lots of systems for video games but you can also play video games on a computer, I-pod, and a phone! There are types of video games like shooting, running, jumping, flying, and much more.