By: T-wolves 79


This report will blow your mind.  In this report you will find a lot of interesting facts about BIONICS.  You are you going to love it.


This paragraph tells why it was invented.  According to It was invented to help us. It was invented to replace parts of our body. Bionics really helps us in the medical field.  That is pretty cool.


This paragraph tells how many people helped make it.  According to people helped make the bionic eye. Scientists help make the bionic eye to. People help a lot with bionics.  This is a good paragraph

What It Is or Does

This paragraph is about what bionics means.  According to Bionics means to copy the source of life, like if you cut off your arm, bionics will "copy" your arm.  Or, if you cut off your leg, bionics will help you walk again.  And, if you lose an eye, bionics will help you. ADD_FLAVOR.


This paragraph is about how bionic work.  According to Bionics is a miracle. For example, it will replace any part of your body. It can be reusable any time. ADD_FLAVOR.


This paragraph tells its limitations.  According to The bionic eye is very cool. It is so cool it has an eye camera. This is the best.



How it Works

This paragraph tells what it means.  According to The types are not identical. The eyes are very different. One has camera glasses, and one has an eye camera.


This paragraph talks about the bionic eye.  According to The two bionic eyes for the blind people have got better and better. They still have some problems. Nothing is perfect.


Review main ideas. Follow up on attention-getter.  Its like your Intro, but its more of a review.