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Do you just love cars? Have you ever been in a car? Are cars your favorite? Well read my report to find out about the history of cars, what the car is or what the car does, and last statistics and problems.  I hope you love my report especially the history section.


Learning about the awesome car.  According to Chevron Cars, the car is really recognizable. ItÕs the most common thing.  With out the car people wouldnÕt be able to go places.  There wouldnÕt be drop offs for people. I think that the car is really important.  We have an Acura.



This paragraph is about who invented the car.  According to buzzle.com, Ferdinand Verbiest invented the steam car in 1672. Of course the car was powered by steam. The car was built in china. He built it in china because he was a missionary there. I think Ferdinand made a big difference.  I donÕt have a steam car though.


Why in the helk was the car invented.  According to blog lines, the car was invented for transportation because people had to walk or use horse or any other animal. They had to hook the animals to carriages to get around.  .  I loved this article.


whoÕs the guy that invented the hybrid car.  According to who invented it, Ferdinand Verbiest invented the first four-wheeled hybrid steam car.  ItÕs basically a wagon that moves with about animals like horses.  There is not a record that the machine worked or if it has been built in a new place. I would not like to have a wagon pulled by horses.


What It Is or Does

IÕm talking about some car facts.  According to the great idea finder, Henry Ford needed an efficient way to mass cars in order to lower the price.  Henry looked at industries and found some principles that furthered their goal.  Interchangeable parts and lost of other things.  Ford combined the principles into play gradually.  I think ford was a very smart person.


I am going to talk about some facts about limos.  According to Ellie wood, the first stretch limousine was inspired by a different kind of hood warn. The designer was assumed that, one of the designers was French. I would love to have a limo.


Statistics and Problems

Lets see how many cars are currently in the U.S.A.  According to answers.com, there are lots of cars in the U.S.  The amounts of registered cars are 62 million.  The amount of unregistered cars are 6.4 million.  The actual amount with all the cars is 230 million cars.  Including truck and Simi trucks. That is a whole heap of cars.


This paragraph is about the causes of car wrecks in Colorado.  According to ehow.com, the car wrecks in Colorado are just like any other state.  Drivers face challenges daily. The car wrecks are from lots of things like road hazards and bad weather. Its crazy that there is car wrecks.

If you want to learn about slowest car in the world I will teach you.  According to ask.com, the slowest car in the world is the Peel p50.  The car was made in about 1963.  The top speed is 38mph.that is a slow car.


Lets learn about the state that has the most stolen cars.  According to answer bag staff, California has the most amount of stolen cars.  This blows my mind.  But in California car thiefs like to steal.  The city of Modesto is well partly to blame. I just hate car thiefs.



I talked about the history of the car, what the car is or what the car does, and last statistics and problems. Do you love cars? Did you like my report?  Did you learn a lot?  In my intro I talked about the things in my report, but I talked about it again.







chevron cars

About cars and their colorful past.

January 7, 2011

The first cars you had to steer with a lever and not a steering wheel. Instead of cars police used bicycles.  Cars are different now then they were in the past.





Who Invented the First Ever Car

January 7, 2011

Ferdinand Verbiest had to have been the person that invented the first steam car. It is awesome that he invented the seam car.




the great idea finder

at a glance

January 10, 2011

Henry ford invented the idea for the car.  This is a biography of Henry ford and his life.  He is a great person




Blog lines

Then again, this answer might help you...

January 10, 2011

the car was invented for transportation.  Instead of using animals.  The car was also invented for the bad weather.





Number of Cars in the US

January 10, 2011

This website is awesome.  It has how many cars are In the U.S.A.  ItÕs in the millions.  That is a lot of cars.




Who invented it

Who Invented The Hybrid Car

January 10, 2011

this website tells who invented the hybrid car.  The person who invented it was a very kind, going green person.





What are the causes of car wrecks in calorado

January 10, 2011

This website tells facts about causes of car wrecks in Colorado.  It also talks about why the cables spark and lots of other important things




Ellie Wood

The origin of the name limousine

January 11, 2011

Limos are in all kinds like the first stretch limo.  There are many facts about limos on this cool website. You will love it.





what is the slowest car

January 11, 2011

The slowest car would probably be ??? This website tells what the slowest car is.




Answer bag staff

Great answer

January 11, 2011

The state that has the most amount of stolen cars is??? I am not going to say it yet.  But this website tells the answer.




Remy Melina

America's favorite car colors seem to have gotten more conservative in recent years.

January 12, 2011

This website talks about the most popular colors of cars.  This website will blow you away.




John AlbertÕs

How Does a Mousetrap Car Move Forward?

January 12, 2011

This website talks about how mouse trap cars move forward.  It also talks about how it is made.