All About Cars


What it is or Does


What kind off cars fixes that problem? According to… Julia Layton The Hybrid car help stop this problem because they run on batteries no gas. Thank you Hybrid for NOT hurting our earth!!!!!!


Why was the car invented According to? The car was invented because people were tired of walking or horse travel. So a man named Ferdinand Herbiest invited the first steam car because he was tired of this problem. He invented the car in the year of 1769. The car did not run on gas like today’s cars it ran on steam. Copy & Paste Your Note Card. I am happy Ferdinand invented the seam car or we would be walking everywhere!



How it Works

How are cars made? According to… Cars are made, typically, on an assembly line. The car passes down a line and parts on put on, one by one, in a particular order. Real people and robots assemble these. People are so lucky that we have robots to help us


What kind off paint do you use on cars? You would use auto paint. Before applying paint, it is important to follow all the steps of Car body rust repair. A high quality auto body primer is used in thin coats, at ten minutes intervals, as the layers will prevent further rust. A successful car body rust repair requires three thin coats of primer and an overnight wait before applying the paint in several coats. I had no idea that you have to go throw that process 



What are today’s leading cars According to…ME A lot of people like Hondas or Audi or V & W what ever there really is no leading car because some cars look cooler then others some cars don’t pollute as much and some are fast so I think the leading cars is your chose if it is the leading car or not. I think like the Mercedes Benz gull wing is a pretty cool car