Need For Speed

By Elvis Presley


This paragraph is about Henry Ford.  According to Auto Editors of Consumer Guide, Henry Ford invented the ford. He was born in 1863.  He died on April 7, 1947.  He started a company called Ford Motor, and began selling them in 1920.  He gets credit for the Ford System.


What it is and Does

This paragraph is about power steering.  According to Dan Carney, the Toyota Prius as automatic steering so if you drive out your lane or drift it will go back in to the lane.  I think automatic steering is really helpful.


This paragraph is about the problems with power steering.  According to Dan Carney, they are worried that it is not fool proof so the are going to try to perfect it before they are able to sell.  I think once they make it fool proof, a lot of people will buy it.


Future and Problems

What are automatic brakes? According to Auto Editors Automatic brakes work if you are running into something they will stop for you if you are to close Volvo’s Collision Warning System with brake support was launched recently in its S80, where a red light flashes and a buzzer sounds if you're about to run into something. It even goes a step further and applies more brake pressure if you're not stopping fast enough. I think automatic brakes Are awesome!



This paragraph is about the problem with flying cars.  According to Dan Carney, they are worried that it is too loud and who would drive it.  I think it would be hard to handle the responsibilities of flying it, especially without a license.  I agree that if something is too loud it will annoy some people.