The rocket


By do duo dunderhead football lord


I think that you could fly a minnie rocket that makes you be able to see CreeÕs slumber party! And you can have a security camera. Introduce main ideas.  ItÕs like a movie trailer that gets you excited to read the whole report. It has to be one step closer



According to Jeff Tyson, one of the coolest thing-a-ma-bobs that man has ever done or accomplished is space.  One of the things that make it so amazing and awesome is that it is hard to figure out. Space is complicated because there are so many mistakes to fix.  I guess itÕs so great to be there so we can learn it.  I think that itÕs so cool that mankind is smart enough to solve all those space problems.

This is about how hard it was to be invented.

 According to The way to go is the biggest mistake they could make. Rocket stuff is very useful. I think that rocket engines are very good and a great.

When was it invented?

According to According to. I think rocket engines are on one hand so it is easier that you can build your model rocket and be able to see it fly and allot other stuff. Rockets are a way to go to space and see thee adventure.  I think that people could make the fastest rocket that can go 3 million miles away.


When was it invented?

 According to but the biggest problem of all is harness ling enough energy Implies to get a spaceship off the ground. That is where rocket engines come in.

Rockets are hard and easy to make. According to

Rocket engines are really easy to make in one way.  But in another way, they are so hard that barely any nations could make them.

How it was made. . According to

When we knew how to make rocket engine they think about rotation. People would do it very fast and some would kill them to now how to make it and make it work.