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Imagine you are a pilot and you are soaring through the sky with a lot of passengers and then all the sudden the whole plane stops flying then your plane drops from the sky and all your passengers are screaming. Well arenŐt you glad we have cell phones to call for help or call the hospital or any thing. Welcome to my report by the chocolate man. In this report you will learn how many people have cell phones you will learn about some history and what it is or does and even things about the cell phone.  




Who invented the cell phone.  According 

To Stanley Carney. Way back in April of 1937, Doctor Martin Cooper made the very first phone call from his invention the cell phone. Almost forty years we havenŐt stopped dialing.  


 Where was the first cell phone made.  According to Think Quest. The first cell phone was made in New York the inventor was Dr cooper. Wow interesting


Why the cell phones were invented.  According to answers.com. Cell phone are important because they can help you talk to family and friends all around. I think it was a great idea because of a emergency you can dial 911.  


How was the idea of the cell phone made


       According to Layton Julia. the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and wireless communication can trace its roots to invent of the radio so these 2 inventions made the cell phone. Wow cool

What it Is or Does


What is a pebble phone is .  According to At first glance, A pebble phone is a phone that looks like a paperweight.  It is a disguised phone. It is small. There is a small black dot on it that can be transformed into a keypad thing. That seems like a good phone.



Things about Cell Phones


How many people use cell phones?

According to Trish there are 4.1 people in the world who uses the cell phones. Wow 4.1 people wow.


How much do cell phones cost?

 According to leah9m IT only depends on the cell phone if you just want to get a cell phone or the cell phone with a plan if you want the cell phone with the plan the range is 0 to 300 dollars. Wow phones are expensive.


What stores you can buy cell phones.  According to ask.com. you can buy cell phones at Wal-Mart target cell phones service and in some grocery store. I would love to buy a cell phone there  



I hope you like my report.



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