Amazing Rockets

By Rocket hood


 Run Its a Man Eating Rocket Run With Your Toy Rocket!! First I am going to tell about rockets history then you will learn about what it is and does finally you learn about rocket problems. Hope you like it. 


How much horsepower a rocket has in a launch and about the first space tourist. According to wikianswers and some person the rocket has 37 million horsepower. Dennis Tito was the first space tourist. I think that it is cool. I do not care to much.



Who made the rocket and where was it was made? According to wikianswers it was made in Germany. I donÕt really care.


Who were the first 7 space tourists? According to NASA The first 7 space tourists were Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth (what a great last name for the second space tourist!) Gregory Olsen, Anousheh Ansari (if you can say that!), Charels Simonyi, Richard Garriott and Guy Lalibertˇ. BTW- 5 of the seven were American, at least a little bit.

I believe these where the first 7 space tourists. I think it is true.




What It Is and Does

 Why the rocket was made out of titanium and why they made rockets. According to Marshall Brain It was titanium because so it can get through the atmosphere and to explore space. I believe it is true. They made rockets because they can explore space.



 This is what problems the rocket has.  According to Marshall Brain Rockets have a lot of problems here are some of them. The vacuum of space. Heat management problems. The difficulty of re-entry. Micrometeorites and space debris. Cosmic and solar radiation. The logistics of having restroom facilities is a weightless environment. Weird.



         Have you ever wondered why only 3 countries have put people in to space.  According to Nasa some body Rockets blow up and don't work and crash. I believe it true because it is from Nasa.


Run Its a Man Eating Rocket Run With Your Toy Rocket!!  Hope you liked it. I am happy that you read me report I hope you liked rockets history, what it is and does, and rocket problems.





Marshall Brain

How rocket engines work

January 10, 2011

This tells about how space shuttles work, how fusion, propulsion will work, and the moon rocket. Very nice pictures. This is my source card, bye.




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January 7, 2011

This talks about rocket history. (but isn't actually very "brief".)



tayson, jeff


January 7, 2011

This article is about some people making a really big rocket.  It tells how it works.  It has pictures. It has videos.  It has advertisements.



Marshall, Brain

How Rocket Engines Work

January 12, 2011

tells a lot about rockets and it has videos and pictures.