Video game report

By Dynamite Explosion 


                   VIDEO GAMES ARE ASOME!!!!! They are so cool.

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This is about the history of video games.  According to Jeff Tyson, Video games came from giant, fat, old TV screens.  In the '50s they got cooler games.  Later in the '60s there were cooler video games, but the thing you would play them in is a giant computer.  After the 60's the video games got cooler, better, and more interesting.  I think itŐs sweet now that we donŐt have to play on the huge, fat things, and the games got way better.


Did you know the game cube was invented in Japan? According to Hiroshi Yamauchi he invented the game cube did you know that it is true.



Guess what? Tennis for two was the first video game made. According to William Higginbotham Tennis for Two," a 2-D tennis game created by nuclear physicist William Higginbotham at Brookhaven National Laboratory may have been the first video game ever.


This is about what company invented the PS2. According To Tyson Jeff, the ps2 was sixth-generation video game console manufactured by Sony.


This is about how much video gameŐs have been made.  According to Tyson Jeff, Home video game systems, also known as consoles, are a popular form of entertainment. In 2000, Sony estimated that one out of every four households in the United States had a Sony PlayStation.

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This is about the person that made the first video game.  According to William Higginbotham, Tennis for Two was first introduced on October 18, 1958, at one of the LabŐs annual visitorsŐ days. Two people played the electronic tennis game with separate controllers that connected to an analog computer and used an oscilloscope for a screen.


This paragraph is about what is the kinect.  According to Jeff Tyson, the kinect is on the ex box and it is awesome because it has no controllers because youŐre the controller.


This sentence is about where the game cube was invented.  According to Brookhaven The game cube was invented in Japan.  I think thatŐs interesting, because Japan makes cool stuff like cars and video games.  If I lived in Japan, I would love to work for Nintendo.


This paragraph is about is about where the first video game was made.  According to Brookhaven,

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This paragraph is about what is the most popular video game.  According to Jeff Tyson,


This Sentence is about who invented halo 3.  According to. Jason Jones. He invented halo 3.


This paragraph is about when the Xbox was invented. According to a team of people. Xbox is not invention of single individual. Microsoft Inc. makes Xbox on 15th November 2001. Xbox 360 is the next model. However Xbox basic model is no longer available now.