Wii Love Video Games!

By The Missing Link


Hey you! Yes you! Do you have a little brother or sister who is ANNOYING? How can you ignore their crying or blubbering?  If your mom wonÕt let you cram your little sister into a garbage can, you need to read my report about video games.  Video games can help you ignore your annoying sister. J In this report, you will learn about different types of game systems, like game cubes, the wii, and ps2.  You will also learn about history like, popular Mario, halo3.

Popular Games and Systems

This paragraph is about the most popular game in the world. According to Wikipedia, Super Mario Bros is a videogame made by Nintendo in 1985 and 1983. The characters are princess, toadstool, and toads.  Bowser is the bad guy.  The main characters are Luigi and Mario (in a multiplayer game).  I think this is cool, because I have it at my house.  It is fun.  Sometimes when I play I get a Ōgame over.Ķ











 This paragraph is about how video games are made.  According to Tom Loftus, a computer game is made by the chip inside.  It moves the images around. I think that is very cool.  It is like taking a video.  The chip inside a video game is probably really smart.




This paragraph is about the new, cool stuff.  According to Jeff Tyson and Tom Lofturs, Kinect brings games and entertainment to life without using a controller. It is $49.99.  It has development costs for some titles. I think that it is very fun and cool because it can sense you. I also think that I do not have that much money.




This paragraph is about video game inventions. According to WikiAnswers.com and Jeff Tyson, the PS2 was invented in 1989. The game cube was invented in Japan!!!! I think I was not even born back then in 1989! I have never been to Japan.




This paragraph is about how many people have wiiÕs.  According to Wikipedia half the people in USA have Wiis. This is interesting to me because I donÕt even know half the people in the U.S.A. That means there is 125 million people have wiis in U.S.A. I canÕt even think of that many wiis.              



This paragraph is about who made tennis for two.

According to Brookhaven, William Higinbotham invented Tennis for Two. At first I did not know what tennis for two was. I was not even born when they invented tennis for two.     


Review main ideas. Follow up on attention-getter.  ItÕs like your Intro, but itÕs more of a review.







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