ThE WoNdErFuL WoRlD oF CaRs

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My InTrO

Way back when, people didnÕt have cars to drive them around. They had horses, carriages, and walking. How would you like to walk or ride horses everywhere? I bet you donÕt even know how to ride a horse! Well, in this report I will tell you how cars have been improved so that people can drive everywhere. You donÕt see a lot of people walking anymore. ThatÕs because of the car! Now, stop thinking and read my report!!!! You will be blown away by the history of the car, what it does and is, how it works, and some awesome facts!!!!

ThE hIsToRy Of ThE cAr

Not a lot of people know how cars have been improved over time. Well, you will after you read this paragraph.  According to, the biggest change in the car history tech. has been better compressors of the AC that are more environmentally friendly. The past is more efficient.  It is most likely not a big deal. Cars have improved so much that they got way cooler.


No one knows who invented the first car. But this paragraph will let you know what people think.  According to, people think Benz invented the very first modern car. But Henry Ford is the man who SOLD the most cars to the most people. In 1910, Ford began to make and sell his Model T, which BTW was a HUGE, success. Many people could actually afford the Model T. Some people say that the Model T was the car that "Put America on Wheels". The Model T was the most popular car of that time because it didn't cost a lot of money and it still had a lot of quality. I think that it is really cool that people donÕt really know who invented the car. I think that it adds a bit of a mystery.


The car was invented in a lot of different places. But in this paragraph will show you when and where the car WAS invented. According to Marshall Brain, one inventor did not invent the car in just one day. The past of the car reflects an evolution that went worldwide. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people created the car. Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton drew up the first sketch of a car. However, Ferdinand Verbiest from Belgium is one of the first documented inventors of the car. In 1672, he built the automobile that was powered by steam believe it or not! Ferdinand built his first car in China. Hence you could rightly say that the first car ever was made in China. I think that china is a wonderful place to have the first car built.


Cars have improved a lot over time. This paragraph will tell you how they have improved. According to Marshall Brain,  I would have to say that by making it possible to walk the city streets without having to wait through cars have improved our lives. If you really think that car exhaust is bad then try horse and mule exhaust. I think that cars get better every day.


In this paragraph I will tell you who invented the car.  According to Bob Ricewasser, the question, who invented the car does not have an easy answer. The past of the car is very interesting and goes back all the way to the 15th century where Leonardo da Vinci was making sketches and models for transporting vehicles. I think that not knowing an answer to a interesting question is very mysterious.

ThIs Is WhAt ThE cAr DoEs AnD wHaT tHe CaR iS

The car is a wonderful invention.  According to, the car is a wheeled vehicle that is adapted from the rails of a railroad. It is also where passengers ride up and down. Then they can take people where they need to go. I think that the car was a wonderful invention.


This is the wonderful world of cars.  According to Yahoo Answers, the car lets us get from one point to another. They will also bring you back. I think that the car has really helped the human race. Although they kind of made us lazy. Now we drive everywhere instead of walking.



ThIs Is HoW tHe CaR wOrKs


This paragraph will tell you how the car works.  According to Zach Jacobs, The idea of a gas car engine is to move gasoline into a moving motion so that your own car can move around. Right now the easiest way to make motion from a gas is to heat the gas inside an engine. Then an automobile engine is an internal combustion engine. The combustion takes place internally. I think it is interesting how cars work.





HoW aBoUt SoMe AwEsOmE fAcTs AbOuT cArS

Do you know how much it costs to drive your car?  According to, it cost money to drive a car. Do you know how much it costs for you to drive your round trip? If your answer is close to be the cost of gas, then you're being taken for a ride. When other carpooled the 20 mile trip around from other's house to town. People get surprised when I give them the ten dollars I saved on gas. Most people think the cost of driving is the cost of gas. I think that it is kind of expensive. I will never get into a car accident!


In this cool paragraph you will learn something you never thought you would.  According to, if you look back 100 years to a world where people would have to get around by walking or riding horses. What changed things? The invention of the car changed things. Wheels might be 5,500 years old, but the cars that we drive around in today are only the same ones we drove in 1885. They are just pumped out and way cooler. I think that the car has changed a lot over time. It is so cool that the car we drove a long time ago is just the same car we drive today.



CoNcLuSiOn Of My RePoRt

So are you ready for your pop quiz? IÕm just kidding. But since youÕre done, then you should be able to tell anyone some awesome stuff about cars. So, did you find out how cars have been improved? ArenÕt you happy the car was invented? Well now that you read my report, you can write your own report on car. But of course you would make a research file. Thank you for reading my report!



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Monday, January 11, 2011


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