The Awesome Video Game Report

       By Sushi Cat!       


This is someone who is going to tell you about my awesome video game report. It is going to be very INTERESTING and itÕs going to be very boring to some! But I think youÕll like my awesome report. Do you know what its about? Well okay if you donÕt then lets GO! You will learn about the history, how it works, what it is or does!!!! J


How Many People Like Video Games? According to Jeff Tyson Lots of people use video games.  For example, back in 2000, more than 50 million had Sony.  Lots of people had x-box, wii, and all that stuff. I think itÕs cool because over fifty million people like the wii, x-box, play stations, and Sonys.  


When was the first game made? According to Jeff Tyson a section of the blueprint for the original tennis game designed in 1958 by Higginbotham. He used four computers operational amplifiers to make the ball's motion. I think itÕs cool that he thought of that.




Who invented Video Games According to Jeff Tyson Thomas T. Goldsmith invented video games. Ralph H. Baer improved them. The truth is no one can really find out who invented video games. I think the person who invented video games are very very weird because he wonÕt tell who he really is.





What It Is or Does

How Video Game Systems Work.  According to Jeff Tyson Video games had been around since 1970. That's really cool I think video games are very cool. Space Computers are very interesting.  I think that itÕs cool that video games have been around since 1970!


How it Works

What Are The Parts?  According to Jeff Tyson I know that video game systems are specialized. They also have CPU's that help desktop computers. Companies use older CPUs because they can be cheaper. I didnÕt know that CPUÕs help the desktop computers. I also didnÕt know that companies use older CPUÕs because they can be cheaper that usual.


How Playstation 2 works. According to Jeff Tyson When CD's get scratched you can't use them anymore. You canÕt use them because they are broken. A scratch on a CD can make a game freeze. Then you wouldn't use it!! :( I think that when a scratched CD doesnÕt work anymore it is very sad.








ThatÕs the story of cheddar OPPS! I mean thatÕs my Video Games report I hope you like it so long for now Good-bye!!! J 



Jeff Tyson

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January 7, 2011

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who invented tennis for two

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January 7, 2011

Williom higabotum invented the first video game. /it is about who invented the first video game.